#Jiggleforjoy - the body positivity trend you need if you've been dreading beach season

Meet heroic mental wellness advocate Kate Speer #nofilter

Meet heroic mental wellness advocate Kate Speer #nofilter

(Source: Instagram, @kate_speer)

Kate Speer dances around frequently (and decidedly dorkily - her words) in her underpants. But unlike the rest of us who sometimes do the same in the safety of our homes, Speer shakes it in her skivvies publicly and with considerable pluck. She also does so with great purpose.

While a spunky underpants dance may not register for some as the height of heroism, if you recognize courage as it is truly defined (an insistent perseverance in the face of fear), Speers is a bonafide hero. A fierce mental health and body positivity advocate, she has (as fighters often relate) seen some shit. Some of that shit (note: not an easy list to get through) includes an early misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder (she's since been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder), numerous stints in psychiatric wards, pervasive suicidal thoughts, struggles with self-harm, and shock therapy treatments that took two years of her memory. She's also battled (and continues to fight the good fight) with an eating disorder (ED) that tainted her thoughts with all the toxicity EDs typically offer to millions of women and a surprising number of men. Often the case with ED and anxiety, the disorders poison(ed) her self-image and made basics like eating and getting dressed a personal hell.

By all accounts it'd be understandable if she were too battle-weary to crawl out of bed, let alone get up and hoof her way to an Instagram following that's 15k strong in the name of mental health and self-love. She adds her name to the increasing number of survivors and body-positivity advocates who populate IG with content that offsets a seemingly infinite stream of "perfect" bodies and "happy" people living flawless, struggle-free lives. Mega kudos from my camp. Β 

To defiantly and candidly gyrate with #nofilter makes Speers a must follow and the boogie is a must see. It's like an irreverent ritual dance honoring one's love of self and the delicious food one gets to eat. There's also rich veins of unapologetic vulnerability, humour and unabashed pupper love throughout her posts. Kudos increasing exponentially. Β Β 

It's best to enjoy positively.kate as she prefers, by checking out her account. But here are some of her more powerful posts. May they inspire you to #jiggleforjoy this summer, and always. Β 

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I'll leave you with some words from her latest post, where she proudly rocks a beanie (amaze) and writes...]

As battle cries go, I've heard worse. More kudos, Kate.