How and why to take a minute to have a great Valentine's Day if you're single

Yes, you can do nothing, but you can also make it a lovely thing.

Yes, you can do nothing, but you can also make it a lovely thing

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Valentine's Day is often seen as the ultimate couple's event, but maybe it's time to start thinking outside the chocolate box. If you're single, congratulations; you're about to discover that your status is a cause for celebration because there are far more creative and enjoyable ways to show, give and get love than you realized. Just because everyone else is on a date doesn't mean you have to desperately find one too. This February 14th or Vday weekend, fly solo proudly, because there's way better ways to spend your Valentine's Day.

Spread The Love

The notion that Valentine's Day is all romance or nothing is an archaic way of thinking. There are plenty of people you love in a non-romantic sense, and this is the perfect excuse so make some time for them instead. Does your grandmother need help around the house and a bingo date? Maybe there's an old friend you've been putting off catching up with? Your mom might be as much of a foodie as your BFF, so why not take advantage of those V-day prix fixes out there? Plus, there are people you don't even know who would appreciate your help, so you might want to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your area (pet shelters, after school programs, hospice care) as a way of spreading the love on Valentine's Day.

Date yourself

No one is more deserving of your love than yourself and nobody knows you better than you do. So many dates start with the purgatory of "What do you want to do?", "I don't know, what do you want to do?", that it's time to cut out the other person and give yourself everything you need. Plan the whole night in advance; your favourite food, outfit, movie and way to unwind. Or, if there's another activity you love but haven't had the time for (a 2-hour yoga session, painting, hiking a new trail), now is the time to clear a day and do that instead. Asking and giving yourself what you want is a great way to understand what makes you tick, long before you meet that special someone.


Capitalize on deals for couples. One of the most satisfying experiences of being single is having a friend who is single too, one with whom you can share the highs and lows of being unattached. They're also the best way to have your cake and eat it too. On Valentine's Day, there's countless of couples deals and packages everywhere - restaurants, spas, wine tastings, paint nights, skiing - so grab your best bud, save some dough and take advantage of those relationship deals all while basking in the glory of being single.

Single mingle

If you look around, you know way more single people than you realize. Maybe they are sheepish about their status and need some encouragement to come out of their shells and celebrate like they should. Instead of letting these single soldiers wander the streets in solitude, be a leader and throw a party; the only requirement is that everyone is unattached. This need not be a "mixer" with the aim of finding a mate, but more a celebration of simply being single. Invite single people you know from all walks of life and if you need some help bonding, play classic ice breakers like Never Have I Ever, 2 Truths And A Lie, or pairing them up with partners for a 5 minute conversation before presenting what they learned to the group.


Realistically, this isn't even a holiday. If you don't get the day off work and the mail still comes, Valentine's Day can't be that important. It's not like you should feel compelled to celebrate Valentine's Day, so why not enjoy being as purposefully mundane as possible and doing nothing celebratory. Go to work, do your job, have no chocolates or candy, go to the gym, have a normal dinner, clean your house and get to bed on time. When you wake up the next day feeling refreshed from successfully avoiding a chocolate hangover, you'll know you've made the right choice.