Here are CBC Life's top 10 stories of the year

There's still time to catch up, don't miss a single one of these favourites!

There's still time to catch up, don't miss a single one of these favourites!

We're nearing the end of the year and what better way to reflect than by seeing what Canadians clicked on in 2017 here at CBC Life. The interests varied from popular Canadian snacks to issues and causes that were hot topics of conversation throughout the year.

So without further adieu, the top 10 posts of 2017:

10) Jessi Cruickshank asks the most embarrassing questions about childbirth

Our fearless The Goods host and overall funny lady Jessi Cruickshank gave birth to two beautiful twins earlier this year and shared the entire experience with us. In this post from August she did the nation a favour and asked her doctor all of the things you've always been too scared to ask, like: "Can we talk about pooping? What's the deal? Does that really happen during labour?". She didn't hold back.

9) Toxic masculinity may be quadrupling the suicide rate for Canadian men

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This post got people clicking in 2017; thankfully mental health is more commonly discussed every year and this particular post spurred some debate on our Facebook page as well.

8) How to teach your dog: "Touch!" — a genius re-positioning tool

What happens when you film a cute dog doing cute things? Internet gold. This pet training series was created to help teach your little puppers how to do simple techniques that could reap big, overall rewards in different areas of their lives. Also, dogs are cute.

7) Science proves that cats are even more awesome than we thought

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As if we needed any validation. Cats just edged out dogs with this post from May based on a study from Oregon State University. Did you know that they can heal themselves, and might be the perfect replacement for a real life partner? Crazy cat lovers, rejoice!  

6) Why Dan Levy's shutdown of a TV critic's homophobic insult is necessary and good for us all

Dan Levy (who plays quick-witted David Rose from CBC's Schitt's Creek, and equally witty host of The Great Canadian Baking Show) took a stand against a journalist who referred to his "feyness" in an article this year, calling it "offensive, irresponsible and homophobic". CBC Life contributor Ryan E. Thompson was troubled enough that he wrote a piece opining about the impact of the slur on all of us.

5) Free the period: Why some women choose to free-bleed

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This one garnered a lot of conversation on our Facebook page with responses ranging from generally curious questions to "ew". We'll let you read it for yourself and decide if this choice is right for you.

4) Cindy Crawford calls this Canadian destination her vacation home

Cindy Crawford and her two children are soaking up the sun in their picturesque Muskoka cottage. It looks like a postcard. (Vogue)

This post from July had all the right ingredients. A super hot Canadian vacation destination and an equally hot American supermodel family. Also who doesn't love looking at how the rich and famous live?

3) Why ghosting a party is the right thing to do

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We can all agree that ghosting is the most relatable topic on this list, and you (maybe?) wanted validation that it was something acceptable to do. We're happy to report.. it is!

2) Everything you need to know about August's eclipse of a lifetime

The solar eclipse will take place on Aug. 21. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The one-in-a-lifetime event also known as "the time I accidently looked directly into the sun" gripped North America in August and brought office productivity to a stand still. This post answered your questions about when and how to watch the eclipse either in person or via many, many live streams available online.

1) 7 Canadian snacks you can't get in the U.S. and the backstory on why

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This post from August 2017 got us all drooling and got our American friends envious. From ketchup chips to Kinder Surprise, these 7 snacktastic treats topped our list of most viewed stories from CBC Life in 2017!