Heartbroken on Valentine's Day? These 8 rom coms can help you make it through

These flicks are the remedy for when you need it... and perfect for wallowing a little too.

These flicks are the remedy for when you need it... and perfect for wallowing a little too

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You should know by now that not every Valentine's Day goes according to plan. The waves of love are tumultuous ones, with thrilling highs and defeating lows, and you can sometimes find yourself dejected, rejected and heartbroken around Feb 14th. In times like these, what's one to do but… grab your favourite ice cream, hit the couch and let a little cinema bring you back to reality - you're going to be just fine. If you're not sure what to watch, these 8 rom coms will remind you that even though romance can be a rocky road, there's always a light at the end of the love tunnel. (And speaking of rom coms, is it us or do they not have enough rom these days?? Our anti-Valentines, created by Hatecopy may have just the sentiment you're looking for this year.)

High Fidelity

High Fidelity is a fine lesson in embracing your romantic failures. John Cusack plays Rob, an audiophile who, after getting dumped yet again, decides to contact his old flames to examine where he went wrong and how he can regain his love. His journey reminds us that what seems like the end might not be, and that every relationship has something to teach us about being a better person, to ourselves and to those we love. Driving these points home is the film's classic soundtrack – some of the best breakup and makeup songs of all time.

The Wedding Singer

Speaking of music and romance, The Wedding Singer reminds us that, even though you may fall for them, some people may not be worth your time. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are a wedding singer and waitress respectively, both deeply attached to significant others who treat them quite insignificantly, until they themselves realize their self worth. The 80's inspired soundtrack is the best way to belt out your lovesick blues, which the cast does (at varying levels of intoxication), and there's clutch "team Sandler" cameos from people like Jon Lovitz, Kevin Nealon and Steve Buscemi as creep wedding goes that seem to be at every one.

Harold And Maude

Dark and quirky to its core, Harold And Maude is a bleak romantic comedy about finding love and companionship in the strangest places. Harold is a young man obsessive about the concept of death, who finds a morbid bond in the elderly Maude. Together, they open each other up to new worlds of art, literature, music and musings on life. Where it's not a romantic movie in the sexual sense, it becomes an examination of what truly draws us to other people and gives meaning to our lives and the opening mindedness we should have for who we love.

Hang The DJ

Okay, this is not technically a film or a rom com. It's an episode from the latest season of Black Mirror, but it packs such a commentary on the technological state of our modern relationships that it definitely deserves mention here. Frank and Amy meet via a futuristic dating app that not only pairs dates, but predetermines the length of their relationships. What follows is an examination of how far we should let the outside world pull us versus our own thoughts, and how all lasting relationships get shaken to their core. And, as always, there's a delightful twist at the end.


Grease, you say? Tell me more…

To be frank, Grease is pretty much a perfect movie for any occasion and it's only grown in popularity. From a romantic standpoint, it's a nice demonstration that even though you may have found your soulmate, they can be complete morons sometimes. Danny's insistence that he's too cool for Sandy sets off a classic high school drama battle between perception and living honestly with those you love. If all else fails, just put on some leather pants and head to the fair.

When Harry Met Sally

Another on the spectrum of diametrically opposed romance, there is something to be said for the competitiveness of companionship and that initial enemies can make great loves. Too often in life, we search for partners who share our exact beliefs and interests, believing that synergy is love. However, as an initially curmudgeon Billy Crystal and determinedly optimistic Meg Ryan demonstrate, it's often those on the other side of our beliefs and personality traits that push us towards the understanding that love is not an agreement, but a compromise.

The Incredible Jessica James

A recent installment in Netflix original films, Jessica Williams, formerly of the Daily Show, stars in this urban tale of messy modern romance. Crushed by a recent breakup, Jessica heads back into the NYC dating scene and encounters Boone, who is dealing with the fallout of his recent divorce. Together, they embark on a journey of understanding, unfollowing exes and embracing each other's flaws.

The First Wives Club

Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn comprise a Murderers' Row cast of scorned divorcees who seek revenge and empowerment against their ex-husbands. Based on a novel of the same name, the film is a sobering reminder that even long-term love can take harrowing turns, and that even though your love life may not have a storybook ending, having a solid support system around you means you can get through anything. Oh, and the movie ends with the most motivational post-breakup number of all time.

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