Harder workouts, hotter sex: How great gym time leads to a better time in the bedroom

Find out the major sex benefits of regular exercise

Find out the major sex benefits of regular exercise

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We already know that regular exercise can seriously improve our quality of life – helping us reduce stress, live longer, lose weight...that's all great.

What people rarely talk about is how working out can seriously improve the quality of our sex lives.

Now that I have your attention, yes, it's true: if you want to increase sexual sensitivity, libido and the frequency and intensity of your orgasms (!), the light is at the end of the weight room. Read on to find out how turning up the intensity in the gym can turn up the heat between the sheets – just in time for your Valentine's Day festivities.

Libido Loca

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First things first – before you can drive the car you have to turn on the engine. Turns out, regular sweat sessions actually get us in the mood more often. When we work out our testosterone levels naturally increase (especially during weight training sessions). Testosterone is a sexy-time hormone; as it goes up, so too does our libido. But it's not just the testosterone that helps with getting it up – so to speak. Exercise also induces elevated levels of adrenaline and endorphins – also known as the "runner's high" – a euphoric feeling during intense training sessions that reduces pain and stress, and increases happiness. The mixture of sex hormones combined with happy hormones is a foolproof cocktail for increased sexual desires.

Blood flow in all the right places

Exercise not only makes you feel like doin' it more, but it also makes you feel more while doin' it. Yes, along with improved libido, regular movement helps to circulate the blood – everywhere. Since blood flow to the penis is what creates an erection, it's no surprise that this is a very good thing for male sexual performance. And it's no different for women; the more blood we have circulating down to our lady bits, the more sensitive we are in those areas – making it easier to climax and making the "big O" more intense. Combine that with the connection between circulation and lubrication and you have a recipe for a very pleasant time in the sack.

Look good, feel good

Have you ever turned down sex because you felt self-conscious about your body? Tell me I'm not the only one. Studies show that the female experience in the bedroom is highly linked to how we feel about ourselves, physically. When we have a bad body image, we are not only distracted by negative thoughts about ourselves, but we also tend to be more inhibited; resulting in very stiff and controlled sex (i.e. not super-sexy at all). One major benefit of getting in shape is the profound impact it can have on our confidence levels. Research indicates that the more we work out, the higher we rate our sexual desirability and the higher we rate our sexual appetite. So, more exercise can lead you to have hotter, more frequent and less inhibited sex; we might be more likely to strip down, turn on the lights and get on top, without second guessing how we look in the process!

Accidental kegels

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If you've spent any length of time in a gym, you've likely overheard a trainer yelling about "engaging your core". Little did you know this would be the key to better orgasms. It's true: this technique, of pulling your belly button in towards your spine and focusing on engaging your lower ab muscles (you might know this as Kegels), isn't just beneficial for that flat belly. It's a major contributor to better pelvic control, which not only gives us control over our abs, but our uterus and cervix too. As we contract our pelvic floor muscles – everything in our nether regions tightens, leading to heightened sensations for you and your partner in the sac. Naturally, the more you work those core-tightening mechanisms (Pilates is great for this), the stronger your "sexy-muscles" will get and the more comfortable you'll be putting them to work during intercourse.  Next time you're getting down, bear down and reap the benefits of your strength, everywhere!  

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, peeps. See you at the gym!