Canada's first baby spa is the cutest thing we've ever seen

Yes, you heard that right. Baby spas are indeed a thing, and they're ADORABLE.
(Credit: Instagram/@ifloatbabyspa)

After a strenuous day of having their meals personally delivered by tiny airplanes, playing round after round of "Where'd my Mom's eyeballs go? Oh there they are again!" and being wheeled across town, sometimes a baby just needs to decompress with a little rest and pampering. And now they can, in style, thanks to Canada's first spa for babies.

Yes, you heard that right.

The Mont-Royal, Que.-based iFloat Baby Spa carries the illustrious distinction of being the first of its kind here, but similar locales have been popping up all over the world. The Internet is going absolutely crazy for them, and it's easy to see why. Few things match the overwhelmingly adorable sensory experience that is watching these munchkins splash, giggle and float around in a hydrotherapy pool, while their smooshy little faces rest softly on inflatable tubes. Don't believe us? Take a gander for yourself.

Aside from the "flotation therapy" seen above, where your little ones can wade in purified water maintained at approximately the internal temperature of the human body, the Quebec spa also offers baby massages, an indoor playground packed with every toy imaginable, fully catered private parties, and tons of 'mommy & me' classes, giving you and your bundle of joy lots to choose from when it comes to planning a day full of luxury.

And while some might dismiss baby spas are nothing more than an excuse for uber-rich parents to congregate while pampering their tots at the same time, flotation for wee ones actually comes with major benefits.

Flotation therapy not only gives infants the ability to move around and explore before they can roll over or sit up on their own, but a study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology showed that babies who are exposed to water at an early age develop better "balance and the ability to reach for things."

Similarly, massages can help "alleviate digestive discomforts and teething pain" while aiding growth and reducing a bunch of the stress (and gas!) that leads to colicky behaviour in your little one. The direct skin-to-skin contact also enhances the parent/child bond and helps youngsters smoothly drift off into dreamland each night (and, you know, 2-3 times during the day).

Now that baby spas are hitting viral sensation status, more establishments like iFloat Baby Spa are sure to start sprouting up all across Canada. And while we can't personally vouch for all of those health benefits — or admit that we'd drop 60 bucks on one float and massage session — we can report for certain that baby spas produce skyrocketing levels of cuteness.

So, float on, dear, sweet, adorable babies. Float on.