Anti-Valentines by Hatecopy for you to share with your lovers, exes, BFFs, barista...

Do you Valentine: Y/N??

Do you Valentine: Y/N??

February 14 is around the corner... but it might as well be Christmas again because we have an armful of presents (article-full?) JUST.FOR.YOU.

Whether you love Valentine's day or rue the day the Evil Marketers who invented it were ever born, we have V-day cards you're gonna wanna share.

We asked Maria Qamar, the artist known as Hatecopy, to create "anti-Valentine" Valentines for CBC Life. Read your own special meaning into them, but for us, she really nailed the mini-everyday-tragedies of romance. Right click to save them and send to your love(s), your ex, your BFF, your aunty, your barista, the one who got away or the one you can't quit (no judgment). 

Happy Valentine's Day or not from CBC Life. We love you.

All artwork copyright Maria Qamar / CBC Life, and intended for you to share.