6 brushes, washes and flosses for a bright, healthy smile

In honour of Oral Health Month, we’ve rounded-up 6 products to incorporate into your daily routine.
(Via: Instagram, @marvis_usa)

One of the first things people notice is your smile, it's true, but that's just one of the reasons it's so important to care for your mouth and teeth. There's much more to it – it's also vital to your health. The Canadian Dental Association points out that oral health can have an effect on your physical, mental and social life, and that oral problems can be symptomatic of health issues both big and small. A whopping 82% of adults have enamel erosion caused by consuming acidic things like coffee and salad dressing aka our go-to food and drink! Luckily, there's a wide range of brushes, washes and flosses to keep your mouth clean and healthy – some look downright stylish too. In honour of Oral Health Month, we've rounded-up 6 products to incorporate into your daily routine, so there's no need to sacrifice your smile (or diet!).

The Power Toothbrush

There's smart and then there's this next-gen toothbrush, which uses your smartphone's camera for motion sensor technology and video recognition to make sure you don't miss any spots while brushing, helping to prevent that pesky, aforementioned enamel erosion, and tooth decay.

Oral-B® GENIUS 8000 toothbrush, $270, walmart.ca

The Oil Pull

Oil pulling is an ancient tradition that's been getting a lot of recent buzz for its ability to freshen and whiten teeth. So how does it work? Swish one tablespoon of the coconut oil for five to ten minutes, and spit it out along with the germs that give you bad breath and inflamed gums.

Skinny & Co. Oil Pull, $36, sephora.ca

The One-of-a-Kind Toothpaste

It's probably safe to say you've never tried a toothpaste like this before. Using thermal waters from "the first spa town in France to have been accredited by the health department for treating periodontal pathologies and ailments of the buccal and lingual mucus membranes", (read: it claims to clean your teeth and soothe your throat), it's designed to barely foam. It uses calcium and magnesium to cleanse and comes in 3 scents: Mint-Coriander-Cucumber, Montauban Apple, and Orange-Ginger-Clove… all of which, we guess, justifies the price?

Buly 1803 Opiat Dentaire Toothpaste, $39, net-a-porter.com

The Tasty Dental Floss

You know your dentist wants you to floss daily, and you know you're probably not doing it as often as you should. Thanks to this new product, you'll actually want to floss (seriously!). Formulated with wax, coconut and fruity oils, these tropical flavoured flosses are both soft and cleansing. And if you're stuck deciding between strawberry and coconut, we say get both.

Cocofloss single, $11, cocofloss.com

The Mouthwash

Nobody said mouthwash had to be basic! This Italy-based company applies apothecary elements to its formula, and the result is an alcohol-free mouthwash that cleanses and refreshes with antibacterial ingredients. No doubt the vintage-inspired bottle will improve the look of any top shelf.

Marvais Mouthwash Concentrate, $31, net-a-porter.com

The Travel Toothbrush

Even if you use an electric brush at home daily to clean, sometimes you need a quick brush up on the go. Enter, the manual brush with soft bristles designed to clean teeth gently. And it definitely doesn't hurt that the tortoise shell handle is cool enough to match any bag you toss it in.

Swissco T/Brush Tortoise Natural Bristle Soft, $8, swisscollc.com