5 things that weigh the same as the royal baby

If you’re not sure what 8 lb 7 oz feels like, follow our handy guide.

If you’re not sure what 8 lb 7 oz feels like, follow our handy guide.


Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! We've got a new royal baby!

Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a happy and healthy baby boy today in London. Kate delivered at St. Mary's hospital at 11:01 am local time. The new baby, still unnamed as of this posting, weighed in at a notable 8 lb, 7 oz.

Naturally we got to thinking; what does 8 lb, 7 oz feel like anyway?

So we struck up the ole' internet machine and came across WeightandThings.com to answer this burning question. You can even try it out with your own weight, or don't… we won't ask you about your weight again.

18 Vinyl records

"I've held onto the lessons my dad taught me, particularly that life's a lot more fun when you don't care what other people think." -Sarah (Unsplash)

The newest royal, and fifth in line to the throne (bumping that poor Prince Harry down to 6th) weighs the same as 18 vinyl records. For those of you under the age of 19,  they are kind of like CDs. Required royal vinyl listening: John Lennon - Beautiful Boy.


46,514 Bees


The weight of 46,514 bees is equal to that of our newest royal. Bees might be a bit of a touchy subject for our royals though – researchers at the University of Reading have estimated that bees contribute more to the British economy than they do. What a buzzkill.

121 King chess pieces


If you held 121 king pieces from your chess game it would be the same weight as this potential king. Checkmate!

1 Pekingese


A Pekingese dog can weigh between 7-14 lb, but we'd like to believe that Queen Victoria's dog, Looty, weighed in at 8 lb 7 oz. Turns out Looty was the first Pekingese in Britain after he was brought over from China by Captain John Harte Dunne.

27 School Bags

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You may know that Prince George started school last year, but did you know that his little brother weighs the same as 27 of his school bags? We bet you didn't; you're welcome world.

How does the newest member of the family compare in terms of weight? He's a bit heavier than Prince George who clocked in at a cool 8 lb, 6 oz and Princess Charlotte who came into the world at 8 lb, 3 oz. When Prince Harry was born in '82 he only weighed 7 lb, 1.5 oz.

Although, none of these compare to a Kootenay, BC baby born in 2017 weighing in at 14 lb!