5 fun new workout classes to try in Toronto

Sessions that are worth leaving your home for this winter.

Sessions that are worth leaving your home for this winter

(Source: commonground416.com)

It's that time of year when the 'magic' of snowfalls and cozy feeling from bundling up starts to wear off, and cozying up indoors becomes our preferred spare-time activity. A serious threat to any of us who optimistically pledged to make 2020 our fittest year yet. For a little motivation, we rounded up five of Toronto's freshest workouts. With their clever and fun formats and next-level equipment, these fitness classes just might make you look forward to your next sweat sesh, even if you have to leave the house to get to them. 

The Get High class at Misfitstudio, 979 Bloor Street West

This class takes Misfit's intense go-to moves, such as knee-ups and tempo squats, onto — wait for it — mini trampolines. The one-hour class (offered solely at the Bloor Street location) delivers big on bounce-induced cardio, and yes, fun. Expect segments devoted to bodyweight strength work as well. 

You'll love it if… you're craving cardio but dread even one more kilometre on the boring old treadmill. 

The drop-in cost: $25

Your sweat essential: A lack of support will take all the fun out of a bounce session, for those of us who need some. This zip-up sports bra is designed to hold you in place during rigorous workouts, but still feels soft and breathable with the help of its ultra-fine mesh lining. Bonus: the sizes range from 32A to 38DD.

Under Armour Armour Shape High Zip Women's Sports Bra in Ballet Pink, $69.99, Under Armour 

The 500+ Cal Burn Goal at Common Ground, 550 Queens Quay West

(Source: commonground416.com)

Its name says it all, and this 50-minute class mixes cardio segments with bursts of HIIT and explosive movements. Think sprints on an air bike and tons of high knees, all with that target of torching 500 calories by cool-down time. 

You'll love it if… you're hooked on tracking your sleep, steps, sips of water and so on. More data, more motivation.

The drop-in cost: $25

Your sweat essential: If you really want to keep yourself accountable, strap on a fitness tracker, like the Apple Watch Nike. Its new always-on display makes it easy for you to quickly check your stats mid–squat jump. 

Apple Nike Watch Series 5 with 40 mm case and GPS, $529, Apple 

The 3D class at Sweat and Tonic, 225 Yonge Street

(Source: sweatandtonic.com)

The 3D class makes the most of a well-equipped HIIT room, with three different stations to cycle through: running on top-of-the-line Technogym treadmills, which include settings that mimic parachute sprints and sled pushes to keep things interesting; throwing different punch combinations on the bags hanging in the middle of the room (gloves provided); and strength-training at your own bench, fully stocked with free weights and resistance bands. 

You'll love it if… you want a full-body blast, but like a little variety to help the class fly by.

The drop-in cost: $27

Your sweat essential: As you move from lunges to sprints to a boxer's shuffle, you'll want comfortable tights that don't slide down around your waist. Girlfriend Collective's high-rise pair stay in place, while the four-way stretch lets you move comfortably. Plus, they're made from recycled water bottles — a win for all your resolutions.

Girlfriend Collective Hi Rise Full Length Pant in Moss, $105, Reformation

Drop Boxing at 161 Spadina Avenue

(Source: drop-boxing.com)

While each day of the week sees a focus on different muscle groups, every Drop class has the same structure: 10 rounds of work, half on the bag and half on the bench. Before blasting the adrenaline-raising music, the instructor breaks down each move, with helpful summaries on TV screens at the front to remind you of every heart-pumping punch, push-up and more.

You'll love it if… you've been too intimidated to try boxing. Drop welcomes all skill levels (show up five minutes before class for a rundown of the six punches) and keeps the vibe more fun than fierce. 

The drop-in cost: $28

Your sweat essential: You'll be provided with a sleek pair of white gloves for the class, but will need to bring your own hand wraps, which are essential for protecting your wrists and knuckles. Everlast's machine-washable wraps are a classic—and come in white to match the studio's gloves. 

Everlast Classic Boxing Handwraps, $6.97, Walmart

The Metcon class at Fit Squad, 111 Peter Street

(Source: fitsquad.ca)

The class to try: At only 40 minutes, the Metcon class may sound like a breeze —  but they'll be 40 supremely sweaty and short-of-breath minutes. This class promises to help burn fat and improve conditioning through bursts of intense work on the studio's state-of-the-art equipment, which help boost your metabolic rate even after the workout is done. 

You'll love it if… you're ready to crush your 2020 goals, and don't mind putting in the work to do it. 

The drop-in cost: $35

Your sweat essential: Don't risk an injury by throwing on your trusty jogging shoes for a dynamic workout — you'll need something made for lateral and explosive movements. Nike's new Air Zoom SuperRep sneakers have sturdy arcs along the sides and mesh ribbing on top to help prevent rolled ankles. 

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep, $165, Nike

Caitlin Kenny is a Toronto-based writer and editor with 10 years of experience covering beauty, style and health across Canada's top media outlets. Follow her on Instagram @caitlinken_insta.


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