5 easy, effective ways to get out of a fitness rut

Give yourself a little nudge and fall in love all over again with staying on the healthy track.
(Credit: iStock/Getty Images)

Is your usual workout just not as enjoyable lately? Do you find yourself skipping your training sessions or your (at one time) favourite classes? Falling into a fitness rut can happen to even the most ardent fitness-loving bunnies. And it's going to take more than a motivational fitness meme to get you off the couch and getting that heart rate going on a regular basis. Here's a few different ways you can give yourself a little nudge and fall in love all over again with staying on the healthy track.

Try a workout you think you'll hate

It may sound counterintuitive, but you might find while you dislike, for example, the intensity of a spin class designed for cyclists, you'll enjoy the music and fun atmosphere (it's more like a dance class on a bike!). Or while running may seem monotonous, you may be surprised at how much you enjoy being outside and taking in the scenery as you jog. The adage "you won't know if you like it until you try it" definitely applies to fitness routines!

Do the opposite of your current regimen

If you go to the same gym and use the same equipment every day, of course you're going to get bored. And you're probably missing an opportunity to be more fit than you are. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try equipment that focuses on different areas of your body at least a handful of times. The person who usually seeks out the solitude of just getting onto the elliptical machine with headphones at the gym might unexpectedly learn to love free weights, especially when you discover the challenge of it.

Invest in new fitness gear

We are not advocating throwing money at a problem, but if you are due to replace some of your gear, it may be the motivation you need. New shoes beg to be taken out for a run. Plus it's possible that the latest advancements in fabrics or design actually make your workout more efficient or comfortable, all of which will make you want to work out more.

Rework your fave sport's training regimen

If you're a dedicated runner who is definitely not going to work in time for new yoga classes, you can still change things up. Incorporating speed work or running fartleks to change it up will help kick start things both physically and mentally. Start reading up on ways to increase your endurance and consider some of the many apps out there that will change your routine, and eventually your performance, over a set course of time.

Incorporate more cross training

When we stop seeing results, that can kill our motivation, and whether you're a cardio junky or just into working your core in Pilates, more of the same isn't going to reap you the fitness rewards you're seeking. Create a routine that includes a balance of cardio, strength, core and flexibility (again, you can do this easily and inexpensively by downloading fitness apps) and you'll see progress with a well-rounded program, and with that, find yourself excited to work out regularly again.