20 holiday angst memes that are all of us right now

It Me(me).

It Me(me)

Whatever kind of candle you'll be lighting, tree you'll be festooning, feast you'll be tucking into with your nearest and dearest, or livestream you'll be watching come new year's eve, know that aside from being united by the gravity that keeps us on a communal rock adrift in the cosmos we're also bound by an ability to laugh at ourselves as the stress, mess and expectations of all our holiday traditions creep up on us. Dear gods (yes, all of them), so many expectations.\

Let these holiday memes be a gift of self-reflection for each and every one of us. All your feels have been memefied. Don't worry, you'll know your holiday meme when you see it.

For those of you who want to give but have demons of your own to fight.

For those who are beset with the knowledge that the struggle is real.

For those who are nostalgic for holiday traditions of yore.

For those unsure what well wishes to offer this season. This should cover it for 2017.

For those who work in retail and are already angry at the throng of grumpy shoppers they'll be forced to serve with a clench-toothed smile.

For those tired of answering dumb questions when Google still seems to be working just fine.

For those who are no longer taking sh*t from anybody.

For those intent on going extra on their holiday flare all season long.

For those spirited few of us who still have a threshold for all the rum-pa-pa-pumming.

For those of you looking for a solid holiday life hack.

For those who could use a little space.

For everyone adamant that they and everybody with a pulse should be taking time off from work.

For those who will have a hard time containing their holiday spirit.

For all the bachelors and bachelorettes who will be roll through every family gathering single but smiley.

For those of you with big holiday plans.

For those who dutifully get cheery once a year, and once a year only.

For those who now suspect Hanukkah is way cooler than they thought it was as a kid.

For those concerned with getting enough fruits and veggies over the holidays: knowing full well that wine is a grape-based condiment.

For those forward thinkers who just want to stay ready for next year.

For those who know resolutions only really begin in the second week of January.