15 helpful reads to help you achieve your goals for 2020

How to crush it at the gym, make healthier swaps in the kitchen, get what you want in the bedroom, and more.

How to crush it at the gym, make healthier swaps in the kitchen, get what you want in the bedroom, and more

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There's something so exciting about a fresh start on a calendar, it feels only natural to take stock and set goals for the coming months. Perhaps this is the year you incorporate simple swaps in the kitchen for a healthier approach to cooking, strive for a less hectic work-life balance, or finally start crossing things off your bucket list. And since the new year is for so much more than heading to the gym (although, we do love it there), we've rounded up some pieces that might be helpful on all fronts. So whether you've written down a whole list of resolutions, or are simply looking to take small steps to a happier year, these 15 thoughtful reads are good a place to start.

On de-stressing, seeking balance and working smarter

Advice from a Buddhist monk on how to start a successful meditation practice

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Burnout is real and here's how to handle it, according to experts

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You're not lazy, you're just overwhelmed: 9 time-management tips for students (and everyone else)

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How to manage everyday anxiety in public spaces

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Can't stop procrastinating? We asked an organizational behaviour expert for help

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These are the most common happiness traps at work — and how to get out of them

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Tips for eating healthier and hitting those fitness milestones

Simple, realistic cooking changes to make this year your healthiest ever, no matter your diet

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Experts share mental strategies for achieving your fitness goals

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Healthy snacks to make for the whole week

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On taking stock and getting the most out of life

A way out of loneliness: Steps toward well-being when you're feeling alone

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6 ways to become a better morning person and have it actually stick

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How to train yourself to be more grateful and why it's good for you

(Credit: Arthur Poulin/unsplash.com)

How to learn more about what you really want in bed

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How to get the most out of your therapy sessions

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Who to have in your sexual health arsenal

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