11 Yoga tools to elevate your practice

Accessories for the practicing yogi and the newbie alike

Accessories for the practicing yogi and the newbie alike

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With a myriad of mental and physical benefits, we've all at least tried to incorporate yoga routines into our lives. And with everything available from kitten yoga to beer yoga, there's bound to be one kind that is right up your alley. But for those of us who want to dive deeper into our yogic pursuits, there are quite a few accoutrements that could help us level up and open new doors to bettering our minds and bodies.

Yoga wheel

This deceptively simple tool is the perfect addition to your practice no matter what your skill level. Yoga wheels are a versatile piece of equipment that can help you accentuate poses your comfortable with (like back bends) or support you in poses you haven't yet mastered (providing support for limbs, core work and posture correction). With a look at plenty of yoga wheel tutorials online, there are even some new poses you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. It's padded on the outside, strong enough to support you on the inside and light enough to be easily portable.

YogDev Yoga Wheel - $39.95. amazon.ca.

Aerial yoga swing

If you'd like to elevate your game literally, aerial yoga is growing more and more popular as a practice that aids in decompression, inversions, upper body strength and circulation. This swing is made from parachute material and can handle a weight of up to 400lbs. It's easy to transport and install, able to be used in the studio, in your home or even outdoors.

YaeTact Aerial Yoga Swing - $41.99. Amazon.ca.

Yoga socks

If you've engaged in any kind of yoga practice, you've likely slipped or tripped during a pose. If you need a little extra grip, whether on your mat or another surface, yoga socks can make sure you stick your poses while still feeling comfortable and almost barefoot. The between-the-toes fit actually helps activate the use of your entire foot to make sure you're getting the most out of your stances.

Yoga Socks - $10.99 (4 pair pack). Amazon.ca.

Yoga toes

Speaking of your feet, we've also all experienced foot cramps and stiffness that has prevented us from reaching our full potential with balance or other poses. Yoga toe separators are a great way to increase strength, flexibility and improve alignment issues, which could aid issues your whole body over.

YogaToes Gems Gel Toe Stretcher - $19.99. amazon.ca.

Yoga/meditation pillow

Yoga and meditative practice go hand in hand and this accessory can help you with both. This cushion acts both as a yoga bolster, providing extra body support for difficult poses and relaxation poses alike, as well as a meditation pillow, helping you to maintain proper posture in a cross-legged position. It comes in an eco-friendly hemp cover and is stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls for grounded comfort.

Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Bolster Pillow - $27.79 - $33.59. amazon.ca

365 yoga messages

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a daily practice is hitting pause on your hectic day to get into a more mindful state. This fully Canadian product provides you with 365 sealed messages designed to centre you and your practice every day of the year. We'll take what help we can get with switching gears to a more calm state!

Box Of Joy Yoga Messages - $19.99. amazon.ca

Large yoga mat

When getting into some advanced poses or routines that require much more movement, the standard yoga mat can feel too limiting. This large yoga mat measures 182cm x 122cm and has all the usual grip, comfort and non-toxic qualities of a normal-sized one, making it perfect for any kind of practice as well as at-home cardio and weight lifting.

Large Yoga Mat - $84.99. amazon.ca.

Yoga for families

If you've reaped the benefits of a more mindful practice, you may wish to share that experience with the whole household. The practices on this DVD are intended for parents to do with their children, with a full range of poses designed to keep kids engaged and connected to their parents as they're introduced to the benefits of yoga.

Yoga For Families DVD - $12.67. amazon.ca.

Yoga spinner game

For those kids who may be initially reluctant to try a daily yoga routine, this game is a clever way to introduce the benefits without the potential boredom. Each player spins the wheel and draws a corresponding pose card. If they can hold the pose for 10 seconds, they get to keep the card. It's a rewarding format that encourages repeat playing, teamwork and mental and physical improvement and they'll be familiar with the yoga fundamentals without even realizing it.

ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game - $61.54. amazon.ca

Yoga Chair

The benefits reaped from many poses can be quickly undone by a night spent sunken in a couch. This chair is specifically designed for comfortable sitting, lying and to help aid or intensify a variety of poses and stretches. It has a faux leather finish and PVC foam with a removable middle, making it lightweight, versatile and not an eyesore in your living room.

Yoga Chair - $485.84. amazon.ca.

Balance ball chair

A quick glance around your office will tell you that it was not designed with your yoga practice in mind. Instead of hunching over at your computer all day, sitting on this ball is a great way to ensure you stay aligned and present in your body wherever you work. The backless chair combines the classic, inflatable exercise ball with locking wheels, requiring you to keep your spine straight, your core aligned and not fall into those lazy sitting positions that can cause chronic back and hip pain.

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair - $80.97. amazon.ca.