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Step inside this 100-year-old abandoned church that has been transformed into an artist's dream home

Tour this once-abandoned property that the homeowner describes as “a godsend”.

Tour this once-abandoned property that the homeowner describes as “a godsend”

When Art stumbled across a gothic-style, 100-year-old Anglican church in Lambton Shores, Ontario, with a 'for sale' sign out front, he knew divine intervention was at work. It was the perfect opportunity to realize his dream of owning a unique live/work space that would inspire him to pursue his passion for creating art. And no, the irony is not lost on him that his name is also one of his greatest hobbies.

Abandoned for a number of years, the only guests gracing the pews in the church were squirrels and spiders, but with its spacious open interior and high ceilings, Art saw the building as an art project in and of itself. After a year or so of intense renovations — with Art doing the majority of the work on his own — his vision was fully realized and he now describes his home as, "a godsend".

The space functions as a studio to make and display art amidst original stained glass windows and eclectic finds such as mannequins and slot machines. And with a pool table and a dining room built for 12 — with seating made from converted pews — he's now got a home where all of his friends can congregate.

Check out the video below and take a tour of this heavenly home.

Tour this once-abandoned property that the homeowner describes as “a godsend” 3:03


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