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Your new weekly fitness routine is here! 5 fun full-body 20-minute workout videos

With one for every day of the week, you actually won't get bored and quit these!

With one for every day of the week, you actually won't get bored and quit these!

This article was originally published February 21, 2018.

If you're short on time, there are countless quick workout videos out there to choose from. But the problem is, once you find one you like, you can get bored of it by day 3. Solution: 5 speedy but serious workouts, one for each weekday when you're shortest on time, that target different parts of your body. In just 20 minutes per day, you can strengthen, tone and maintain, and because you're doing something new each day, your eyes won't glaze over the minute you hit play.

Taught by fitness pro, Chloe Bent, these workouts are created specifically to build up your arms, abs, legs, and butt with a few good cardio sessions thrown in for good measure.

These classes were part of our Fit Class Live series originally streamed on Facebook, YouTube and the CBC TV app for a week in February. Now they're yours to use any time of the day every day. Use one daily, or split them up with one or two a week for a full body sesh that will have you beach ready in no time.

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About the instructor:

Chloe Bent is a CanFitPro certified Group Fitness Instructor in the Greater Toronto Area. She's passionate about enhancing the quality of lives of the people she encounters through dance and fitness. Chloe believes that working out needs to be fun and strives to provide an energetic, high intensity class that will leave you feeling joyful and empowered. Her motto is "Sweat Now, Shine Later!" Follow her on Instagram @thesweatmovement.

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