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Forget statement wallpaper — turn a plain wall into a vibrant mural with a metallic touch!

A surprisingly easy art project perfect for nurseries, rec rooms or any space that could use a boost.

A surprisingly easy art project perfect for nurseries, rec rooms or any space that could use a boost

When we talk about brightening up a room, we often mean adding a couple colourful accents, or painting the whole thing white. This DIY takes a decidedly different — even opposite — approach, blending bright hues and a little gold foil to create a vibrant abstract art piece that takes over an entire wall. While the end product may look a little intimidating, especially if you're planning to tackle it on your own, our tutorial focuses on freehand painting so you can let loose, stop overthinking every brush stroke, and still end up with a pretty spectacular statement wall. Check out the video below to see how it's done, then scroll down for full instructions.

A surprisingly easy art project perfect for nurseries, rec rooms or any space that could use a boost 1:41

Here's what you'll need:

  • Drop sheet
  • 8-10 paint brushes
  • 8-12 cans of sample paint, in 4-5 colours of your choice (make sure you buy 1-2 shades of each colour so you can blend properly)
  • Painter's tape
  • Ladder
  • Empty condiment bottles
  • Water
  • Acrylic paint
  • A water-based sealer, like Mod Podge
  • Gold foil

Here's how to do it:

  1. Lay out your drop sheet so it covers the entire floor area you are working on. Then, lay out all your paint and paint brushes on the sheet for easy access.
  2. Using your painter's tape and a ladder, tape around all door frames, baseboards, etc. to protect them from the wet paint.
  3. Choose a paint colour, and starting in the middle of your wall using freehand brush strokes, paint a section that is roughly 12-14" in height and 10-12" in width. (This is just an example, you may need to make adjustments depending on the size of your space.) You want to make sure your brush moves freely on the wall so it creates an organic finish rather than an even shape.
  4. Now, choose a different colour and with another paint brush, paint directly beside the previous spot and start to blend into it. Repeat this step with each paint colour across the whole wall. The key is to not wash your paint brushes, as that is how the colours blend together nicely. If you find the colour is starting to morph too much, then give them a rinse.
  5. Once your entire wall is covered, step back and look for spots that need additional blending. Go in and blend those spots together more. Let dry completely.
  6. Once your wall is fully dry, take your condiment bottle and fill it up with about an inch of water. Take your acrylic paint and squirt a good amount into the bottle. Shake well. Then, open the cap and angling it at the wall pointing downwards, give your condiment bottle a squeeze so the paint/water mixture creates drips down the wall. Repeat this step as desired across the wall. Let dry completely.
  7. Using your water-based sealer and a clean paint brush, paint the sealer freehand onto the wall wherever you please. For best results, brush it on in larger sections. Then, take your gold foil and stick it to the sealer. Let dry. Repeat this step to create as many gold foil sections as you desire.
  8. Stand back and admire your bright, beautiful statement wall!


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