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An emoji latte art tutorial from us, to you *winky kiss*

Greeting cards, who? Now you can say it with a coffee.

Greeting cards, who? Now you can say it with a coffee.

The sign of any great latte these days, latte art is basically a mainstay. And while you may have mastered the classic heart-shaped latte, or even the rose, it's time to step it up a notch. We are far from experts so we turned to Fredericton's Barista Brian to show us how to up our styling. Luckily for us, he created this tutorial to show us how to add a little colour — and a lot of personality — to our favourite beverage with none other than emojis. You can use a traditional espresso and milk latte, or for a delicious alternative (that makes the perfect base for smiley emojis), the Turmeric Latte. Here's Brian with how:

An emoji latte art tutorial from us, to you *winky kiss*

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3 years ago
Greeting cards, who? Now you can say it with a coffee. 1:00

Smiley Face Lattes are an instant classic, plus these Delicious Turmeric Lattes are great for your immune system! Add 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric, 1/4 tsp of ground ginger and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon to your cup. A pinch of black pepper is recommended to fully activate all the properties of turmeric. Add a couple ounces of hot water, and mix ingredients together, well, with water. Steam a milk of your choice, and pour your steamed milk into your turmeric mix.

To add the emoji latte art on top, I used a blend of activated charcoal powder + water for black, and beet juice made from dried beet crystals + water for red. Using a toothpick, thermometer, or whatever is around (something like a paint brush, or even a small paintbrush), add your desired emoji face delicately into the foam on your latte!

For more of an emoji challenge, the Rainbow and Unicorn lattes are made as regular lattes, with espresso and steamed milk (learn how to make them here). Whenever I'm making latte art in an espresso-based latte, I start by moving the milk around gently into the shape of the desired image (ie the emoji you want to make). The colours are a mix of plant-based food colouring, but regular food colouring is great too!

Next, a Mocha for the chocolate lovers out there, and a little humour because it's fun! I like a single shot of espresso, mixed with about 1oz of a chocolate syrup, but most chocolate mixes will do. First, using the heat from the fresh espresso shot, add to chocolate to melt and mix well. Pour in your steamed milk, and using a bit of leftover chocolate, add chocolate detail into the foam to form your emoji. *poop emoji*head back lol'ing*

These are some of my favourite emojis turned into latte art, what are your favourites?! Would love to see some latte art from any upcoming latte artists, so make sure to tag your pics @baristabrian  @cbclife.