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A short and spicy 15-minute workout for days when you're low on time

Fitness coach Beverley Cheng shares a quick HIIT routine still packs a major punch.

Fitness coach Beverley Cheng shares a quick HIIT routine still packs a major punch

a woman in a pink workout set of shorts and sports bra standing in her home, ready for a workout. she's looking to camera and pointing at an invisible watch on her wrist. text on the image says "Only 15 minutes? Try this workout!"

Don't worry! Fitness coach Beverley Cheng has you covered with this short and spicy routine that's ideal for days when you're low on time. "If you've got a busy schedule, work deadlines, kids to pick up or just want something quick and effective, this bodyweight HIIT workout is perfect for you," she said.

In this video from her new series Fit for Me, Beverley will lead you through a 15-minute sweat sesh that really brings the heat. You'll start with a heart-pumping warm-up, then fire things up with challenging full-body exercises and minimal rest periods in between.

Check out the full workout video, then scroll down for a rundown of the exercises in each circuit. All you'll need to get started is a yoga mat, water and a little something to wipe up your sweat — because it's about to get HOT! 

15-minute HIIT workout

  • Jogging/Butt kicks/High knees x 2 mins
  • Squat + pulse + hips back x 1 min
  • Knee to feet + jump x 1 min
  • Downward dog to mountain climbers x 1 min

— 30 sec break —

  • Stationary lunge pulses x 1 min
  • Hands up high knees x 30 secs
  • Commandos x 1 min
  • Crunch + punch x 1 min
  • Alt Leg Extensions x 1 min

— 30 sec break —

  • Hand release push-up x 1 min
  • Glute bridges x 1 min
  • Bridge hold x 30 secs
  • Burpees or sprawls x 1 min
  • High plank hold x 1 min 

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