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A full-body no-repeat workout for days when you really want variety

Engage your muscles and your mind with these exercises from fitness coach Beverley Cheng.

Engage your muscles and your mind with these exercises from fitness coach Beverley Cheng

a woman in her living room, doing a lunge with an exercise band around her legs. she's on a yoga mat in front of her laptop. text on the image says "28 minute no repeat workout"

POV: You want a workout that doesn't just repeat the same moves.

Whether you're seeking a more stimulating training session or are simply looking to switch things up, this full-body routine from fitness coach Beverley Cheng may have just what you're after.

In this video from her series Fit for Me, Beverley will lead you through a 25-minute workout that doesn't repeat any circuits or individual moves. You'll start with an energizing warm-up, then move into sets of strength-building exercises that are designed to keep your mind focused and your whole body engaged.

Check out the full workout video, then scroll down for the list of exercises. All you'll need is a pair of short and long resistance bands, a mat and some water to get started.

No repeat workout

Banded squat

Banded alternating tap backs

Banded side tap (L)

Banded side tap (R)

Banded Lunge (L)

Banded Lunge (R)

Low lateral banded steps


RB pull-apart

RB Y-raise 

RB press

RB alternating row


Sprinter sit ups

Hand-release push up


Alternating leg drops

Banded glute bridge

Hamstring walkouts

Laying banded abduction

Tabletop hip circle (L)

Tabletop hip circle (R)


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