10 weird and cool things we found online to upgrade your next flight experience

From a tablet and drink caddy, to an eye mask that attaches to the head rest, we kinda want all of these!

From a tablet and drink caddy, to an eye mask that attaches to the head rest, we kinda want all of these!

(Credit: iStock/Getty Images)

Air travel is inherently inconvenient; no one can truly be comfortable sitting in economy class, cramped for space for a long duration — provided your flight departs on time, of course. We feel your plane pain and we pack our go-to eye masks and neck pillows too. But we found a crop of in-flight accessories that promise to upgrade your next excursion, that you might not have considered before. Here's a roundup of, some weird, some welcome, products that make your next flight smoother.

Footrest Hammock

Sitting sedentary for long periods of time can leave you open to a myriad of issues, not to mention being just generally uncomfortable. Take the pressure off your position with these adjustable foot hammocks, which hook onto the tray table in front of you, and are designed to alleviate your leg fatigue be comfortable, breathable, portable and can easily be used on buses, trains or in your office, too.

Footrest Hammock, $9.99,

Neck Support Travel Pillow

While we've all seen the standard, U-shaped neck pillow, there are quite a few newer pillows on the market that claim to do a better job. This neck pillow claims to provide scientifically proven support to keep you in an ergonomic position during your airborne slumber, while being half the size of the normal U-shape, so it's also lightweight and easy to store.

Trtl Neck Pillow, $29.00,

Eye Mask Headband

If you're a "lights out" kind of sleeper, this might be the accessory for you. This pilot-created soft eye mask attaches to the headrest of your seat so you can keep out the light while eliminating the need for any pillow, as the apparatus firmly holds your head in an upright position.

ZzzBand, $19.95,

Kids' Travel Bed

Any air travel problems are viciously multiplied anytime you travel with a child. This inflatable square pillow was designed to match the height of an airplane seat so your child can turn their seat into a bed — a nice way to keep them quiet on a long flight. The pillow also can be used as a footrest for both adults in-flight and for kids in car seats.

Airplane Travel Bed, $29.99,

Thumbs-Up Phone Stand

When you're not feeling the in-flight entertainment options (or their prices), you can always rely on your own phone. And if you don't want to spend the next 6 hours hunched over with your phone in-hand, this smart stand will do the trick. Flexible enough to fit most phones and smaller tablets (in landscape and portrait), it's durable enough to hold steady through turbulence while you binge watch Murdoch Mysteries.

Thumbs-Up Phone Stand, $9.99,

Travel Cup & Device Holder

And if you want to enjoy some extra room by not putting the tray down at all, this holder attaches to the back of the seat in front of you where it can display your tablet or phone while also holding your beverage. It folds into a wallet size, comes with its own carrying case, so you never have to touch a tray table again.

Airhook Beverage & Device Holder, $24.95,

Squeeze Pod Travel Kit

If you've ever tried to squeeze your shampoo into a 3oz bottle, you know liquids on a plane are nothing but a nuisance. Enter these squeeze pods: environmentally friendly, airport-compliant, easy to store, use and discard, pre-made liquid packs. Perfect for frequent travellers and campers, a set of packs include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair gel, shaving cream, moisturizer and toilet odour eliminator.

Squeeze Pod Travel Kit, $9.99 (18 pods),

Reusable Wine Bottle Protector Bags

Speaking of liquids, getting alcohol in your luggage (and through customs) can be another annoying aero-burden. These reusable, eco-friendly travel bags provide bubble wrap support and PVC durability so they won't tear or let any spill or breakage get out of the bag. Perfect for those frequent trips to France and Italy we all dream of making.

WineHero Bottle Protector Bags, $26.99 (6 pack),

Bloody Mary Carry On Cocktail Kit

If you're in the air during happy hour, this kit can help you make this classic just the way you like it. This airport-security approved kit is good for two bloody Marys, including a spoon, mix, rimming salt, two mini pickles and a velvet coaster so you can act like you're in first class.

Bloody Mary Carry On Cocktail Kit, $26.99,

Armrest Extender/Divider

The ultimate airplane irritation; any flight comes with the caveat that you may have to touch the arm hair of the person next to you..but not anymore. This device attaches to the top of the between-the-seats armrest to both extend the armrest for both passengers and create a clear divided between the arms of both. It's adjustable to fit a variety of armrests and folds for easy storage so your arms can finally fly free.

Soarigami Airplane Armrest Extender/Divider,$92.74,