These subscription boxes are awesome last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

These unorthodox valentine’s day gifts will put a smile on your lover’s face and you can order them instantly.

Whether you're still scrambling to knock it out of the park with a mind-blowing Valentine's gift for your lover or have encroaching nuptials (and you should get those checked), Domino's Pizza may just save your life. Which has never been said by anyone.

But in a savvy marketing move, the famous food chain has set up an online wedding registry letting you celebrate that most sacred of eternal love bonds by purchasing pizza "for couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats". If you and your soon-to-be spouse identify as such, you can create a pizza registry for yourself.  Safe to assume you can get some zza gifts even if you aren't about to get hitched. Be warned though: the site will ask you for your partner's name and wedding date. It then lets you customize guest invitations and eventually choose from an array of pizza pie packages.

If Domino's isn't your go to pie place, remember the timeless truism that even bad pizza is good pizza. But if even the best pizza gifts won't impress your Valentine, here's a list of our favourite subscription boxes that are sure to delight, and monthly at that:


Try Treats

Feeding your lover snacks (fair warning: I'm gonna use 'lover' liberally throughout this post) is one of the nicer things about coupling. But giving your partner surprise snacks from around the world every lunar cycle is pretty much justification for marriage. Try Treats lets you purchase a global snack subscription for your favorite person so they can "Enjoy the World Through Food". They'll get a box of treats from a different country every month. If they don't like this, break up with them. 


Carnivore Club

If treats of the meaty variety are more likely to tickle your lover's fancy, Carnivore Club is the way to go. You can give the gift of meat for one month or twelve, depending on your budget, and your lover's cardiac health. You can also send multiple people a monthly meat treat if you're rolling poly with a lot of carnivores lately.


Panty by Post

Though the word panty is a contentious one, this gift is actually pretty adorable. And depending on your affinity for unmentionables, may be end up being a gift for all parties concerned. The subscription can be a one off or monthly. Each panty is delicately wrapped and can even be delivered for a specific date. And yes, they sell men's panties (or manties) too.


Bark Box

If the person you love is obsessed with their hound, then maybe a pet specific gift box will rub them the right way. Just select dog size (small & cute, just right or big & bold) and then 1, 6 or 12 months of puppy treat madness and you're done. Of course, there is meowbox too, if your lover is a lover of cats.


Luxe Box

New beauty finds every month may not be for everyone, but the makeup maven in your life will love this box. Seven personalized beauty samples get shipped to your lover of lip liner like clockwork. They'll even get a little postcard teaser telling them their items are on the way. The treats are always a surprise. For you too. If burnt orange eyeshadow is trending in April you'll see it on you fave human's face.


Novel Editions

If disappearing into a book is your lover's default, a subscription to a curated book club will garner you much favor. Novel Editions sends out one novel a month with 3 or 4 thematically related items. Every bibliophile also gets a letter explaining why that book and its items were chosen. Your book worm will be wriggling with delight. They'll also get access to a social media platform, so they can wriggle communally with their kind.


The Roasters Pack

Coffee addicts will be blissed out with this monthly fresh bean delivery. A selection of three new coffee bean varieties in their preferred grind is delivered once, thrice, six times or twelve times a year - depending on how amped up they like to get on java.  Truly for the coffee connoisseur, all beans come with tasting notes and occasional extras like cherry tea. 


The Naughty Box

For those who are comfortable leaving their bedroom play in the hands of the pros, the folks at Naughty North will curate your adventures with a surprise delivery every three months. You'll get "5 full sized quality products" with every passion powered package. The themed gift boxes even come with erotic instructions, so you're getting the most bang for your buck. Sorry.

Raw Spice Bar

For the literal-minded who want to spice up their romance, Raw spice box will send 3 expertly blended spices paired with ideal international recipes for 4 people, or two hungry humans. A veritable spice box for your fave foodie. If you or your Valentine love to cook, or just eat, this one is a thoughtful and flavourful way to go.


Passport to Prana

This one's not a box - in fact, it's quite outside it - and a great last-minute subscritpion gift. An all access yoga passport maybe what your lover could use. Allowing them to pick any class in any participating studio in their city, the one-year subscription lets your lover get a feel for what yoga style speaks to them. Or you can go together to see which classes you both love. Communal activities like yoga are great for bonding. At the very least you'll be relaxed and rejuvenated.

Happy shopping. May all the tokens of affection you bestow on your lover be returned in sentiment, or kind. I've still got my fingers crossed for the Try Treats.