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Vacation like a seasoned traveller with these simple packing hacks

Save your necklaces, keep your toothbrushes tidy, and other tips and tricks to make your next trip stress-free
(Photography by STIL, Via: Unsplash)

This article was originally published December 4, 2017.

With the holiday season just around the corner, peak travel time is almost here. Many of us will be heading home to visit family and friends in a few weeks, but packing can be a little daunting during the winter – especially if you're trying to fit lots of gifts and bulky sweaters and into your suitcase. Whether you're heading home or to a resort for a little R&R, opting for carry-on only or trying to pack in a hurry, the cast of The Goods has some tips for making your suitcase a traveller's dream. Here are some of their most trusted travel hacks:

Easy suitcase organizer

If you're traveling to many mini-destinations and hate having to pack and re-pack after every stay, use a hanging organizer to quickly pack your luggage. All you need is a closet organizer.

Here's what to do: simply pack the first layer of the organizer with pants. Add shirts to the next layer, and continue loading it upwards until all your belongings have been stowed. Lay the organizer in your luggage, and compress it. Close your suitcase. Done!

When you arrive at your destination, simply expand the organizer, hang it in a closet, and you now have your very own set of instant drawers on the go. Try packing the layers with all the pieces you need for a complete outfit, and getting ready in the morning will be even easier than when you're at home.

Jewelry keeper

Traveling with jewelry, especially long necklaces, can be a huge pain. Loose items can easily get lost, and intricate pieces get tangled so quickly. Untangling can cause damage, so here's a great way to avoid a knotted mess entirely. The only thing you need is the plastic wrap that let's you seal things individually.

Lay your necklaces one at a time flat on a large piece of wrap. Stick another layer of wrap on top. Press down on the wrap to make a small pocket for each piece, and seal.

Roll up the entire sheet, and done! Your necklaces are now safe and hardly take up any room in your suitcase. Simply separate the wrap to access the baubles you desire.

Quick carry-on container

With so many strict rules for what you can bring through airport security, lots of people have had their favourite and expensive products unceremoniously tossed in the trash for being over the volume limit. Avoid this travesty with a pill container. Simply fill a cheap pill container you can find at your local drugstore with enough of your favourite product to last for the duration of your trip. Seal it shut and you can pull it out for a touch-up whenever you need.

Toothbrush holder

If you're someone who frets about the cleanliness of hotels when traveling, this hack is for you. Here's how to keep your toothbrush off of countertop with only a clothespin. Simply attach the clothespin at an angle to your toothbrush so that it stands on its own. Done! No muss, no fuss.

Protect your stuff

All those bumps on the way to your destination can damage your luggage. There's a better way and it only requires stickers. Simply mark your luggage with FRAGILE stickers you can find at an office supply store. That's it! Your luggage might even end up on the top of the pile, which means you'll get to collect your baggage more quickly from the airport carousel.