Using neutrals and shine to create a calm space

Decorating with transitional design is easy to do and hard to mess up! We break down what it is and how to incorporate it into your home.

What exactly is transitional design? likens it to to the Goldilocks method of decorating: "...not too cold, not too fussy, just right. It's the perfect combo of the warmth of traditional design with the clean profiles and understated colours of the contemporary look." Steven Sabados created his entire line around transitional design because it can go into any home. And we have good news – it's easy to do and hard to mess up!

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Transitional furniture

When shopping for transitional furniture, pay attention to the profile! You'll want to select pieces that combine curves with straight lines, such as the sophisticated Wallace sofa from the S&C Collection. This will help to create a look that balances both masculine and feminine attributes for a comfortably contemporary design. When picking out the pieces for your space, the key is to opt for ample scale, but minimal ornamentation. This keeps the focus on the simplicity and sophistication of the design!

Transitional fabrics

The lack of color in transitional design begs for interesting textures! Think soft ultrasuedes, pliable leathers and nubby chenilles – such as this beautifully textured stripe applique pillow from the S&C Collection. When decorating your space, don't be afraid to incorporate visually interesting textures such as sisal, burlap and rattan, too! You can also incorporate pattern, but go for something simple, like stripes. Just be sure to steer clear of ornate and ultra-modern patterns.

Transitional colour

The transitional palette relies on a lack of color to evoke a clean, serene atmosphere. Opt for warm neutrals, such as taupe, tan, khaki, grey, creams. We're in love with the neutral tones in this antique kilim patchwork rug.

Try adding some depth to your room by incorporating dark brown. Bringing in a piece of furniture such as this handsome Grayson desk from the S&C Collection is a great way to achieve this. A pop of white and a few hints of black always work too!

Transitional accessories

Now, let's talk accessories! They're the perfect way to complete your transitional space. Take a minimal approach by selecting them carefully. You don't need a ton of them to make an impact.

If you must have colour, keep it to a few accents. Instead of brighter hues, opt for lots of shine – this will really bring your space to life! We love the elegant vibe of the Milan coffee table from the S&C Collection.

And last but not least, a transitional space should feel restful with an air of peace and ease!

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