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Up your #shelfie game with these simple styling tips

Open shelving in kitchens is trending. Style your kitchen like a pro with these #shelfie tips.

Open shelving can make a kitchen feel bigger and add a layer of personality. But beware! Having all of your kitchen items on display can open the door to a whole lot of visual clutter if you're not careful. Here are some helpful tips from Steven on how to properly style your kitchen shelves:

Include everyday essentials

The key is to buy lots of the same drinkware. This eliminates the problem of being left with mismatched sets and cuts down on the amount of glassware that takes up your shelf or storage space. It's also important to keep items that you will be using every day on the lower shelf so that you have easy access. Here we chose these multifunctional glasses from IKEA. They can be used for juice in the morning & wine at night! 

Buy matching sets

For limited visual clutter and a tidy-looking kitchen, make sure all of your plates and bowls are the same color. When arranging your shelves, be sure to stack all of the different sized plates and bowls separately to ensure that the shelves are very functional. We stacked lots of these plates from IKEA.

Group like items

We used the same jars to house three different things, but made it look cohesive because they are all stored in the same vessel. When grouping items, always remember the Rule of Threes!


It's important not to throw all of your kitchen supplies up on your open shelves. Instead, be selective about what you display – show off the best of your supplies! Choose to display your cutting boards that are in good shape instead of ones that you've had for years and are faded.

Not all kitchen-related

Not all items on your shelves need to be kitchen related. Like in any other area of the home, you want this display to be beautiful. Here we leaned a few pieces of art that we made to finish the look.

Appliances on open shelves?

Generally we don't suggest that appliances live on open shelves or on the countertop. Unless they are beautiful! These beautiful countertop appliances from Euro-Line Appliances are definitely the exception to that rule. They're functional, but add some visual interest to the shelves because of their unique design.

After Steven gave us a masterclass in styling our kitchen shelves, he challenged his co-hosts to style their best #shelfie. They were given 5 minutes and all possible supplies they might need. Here's what they styled:




In the end, Shahir won the ultimate shelfie challenge and was crowned the winner!  

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