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Throw a no-fuss viewing party: The snacks and setup you need for bingeing the Olympic Games

Party prep made easy so you can stay glued to the TV

Party prep made easy so you can stay glued to the TV

With the Olympic Games right around the corner, many of us have some serious viewing parties planned. It's not like we need an excuse to curl up on a cold day, eat a lot of snacks and watch oodles of action-packed athletic face-offs, but this actually is the perfect opportunity. After all what's easier than a party where everyone just watches TV? So with that in mind, here's how to pull off the ultimate Olympic Games viewing party!

Set the scene

A clear view of the TV is the most important part of your setup — unless you count snacks. Assuming your sofa is in front of the TV, leave it right where it is, otherwise reposition it or the TV so everyone has a clear view. Cozy up your seating to make it conducive to hours of TV watching. Add a blanket to the base of the sofa for added warmth and comfort, and lots of throw pillows to make it that much more inviting. When it comes to decor, this is the time to embrace all-things Canada. Think lots of red, maple leafs and plaid. Ultimately, the goal is to try pulling together an entire environment that requires you to never leave, so that you won't miss a moment of the Olympic Games.

Rearrange your seating to make room for guests

Make sure there's space for all of your guests! This may mean rearranging or removing accent furniture to make way for additional seating, or adding in extra tables to serve as snack stations. It's a great time to haul out your beer fridge, which can also double as a spot to place drinks or food.

It goes without saying that everyone should be facing the main event — the TV. Create a bit of a theater environment for the ideal layout. Unlike most parties, about 70% of the focus should be on the TV and 30% should be on other party guests and the food, so arrange your viewing space before people arrive.

Serve low-maintenance snacks

You may be hosting, but you certainly don't want to miss all the action. Low-maintenance, minimal prep snacks are your friends! Serve quick and easy apps that can be prepared in advance. The key is to provide plenty of options that don't need to be refrigerated and will still be tasty. A simple spread of cheeses and dips that are best served at room temperature work wonders, especially paired with hearty vegetables and crackers that will keep your guests full without you having to tend to an oven. Steer clear of cucumber, lettuce, guacamole, and dairy based dips, or anything that will wilt, go bad or oxidize if you want to maximize your time spent sitting down and watching. We really love this on-theme Cheese Curling Rock. Build-your-own Korean Canadian Pulled Pork Sliders are also sure to be a hit, especially served alongside traditional Korean kimchi. They're easy to assemble, require little prep time, and of course, very delicious.