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This Canadian donkey sanctuary is giving adorable animals a new lease on life

Plus, everything you ever wanted to know about these crazy cute creatures

Plus, everything you ever wanted to know about these crazy cute creatures

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The Goods recently visited the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Puslinch, Ontario to see the amazing work they're doing for these often overlooked animal friends. It turns out there's a lot to learn about these cute creatures.  

Donkeys go by many different names – burro, moke, ass, and if we're being gender specific, a jenny or jennet for a female and jack or gelding for a male. And then there are mules and hinnies – they're the products of breeding horses and donkeys. These animals are sometimes used as livestock guardians and although they may not be quite as effective as farm dogs, they are known for making ridiculously loud noises if they're in trouble which can give a farmer a chance to get to the pasture in time to help.

It turns out "stubborn as a mule" is a saying for a reason – donkeys and mules are often labeled as stubborn because their analytical and cautious nature is misinterpreted. Mules are usually called stubborn because they have a mix of horse flight response and donkey fight response, making them a little more unpredictable.

They are also very social creatures who prefer to be with their friends. Donkeys often form bonded pairs, sometimes for life, and are comfortable in herds. They get really upset if they are separated from each other once bonded, so if you're thinking about adopting a donkey, try to take on two. This will improve their overall health and happiness – and you'll be giving an extra donkey a chance at a new and happy life.  

Here's a look at the amazing work the sanctuary does for the adorable donkeys that live there:

For more information on how you can help the sanctuary continue their mission of education and rescue, visit

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