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These everyday foods have hidden health benefits you probably don't know about

Holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopolous uncovers some incredible hidden superpowers in the foods we already eat and love.
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Whether it's boosting fertility, or helping the body recover after surgery, so many of the foods we eat regularly have much more to offer than simply tasting amazing! So, we enlisted holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopolous to help us uncover some incredible hidden superpowers in the foods we already eat and love — and test our nourishment knowledge. 

Grab a pen and paper to take the quiz along with us!

1. After undergoing surgery, eat more of which food for a speedy recovery: kiwi or pineapple?

Peggy says: PINEAPPLE! This fruit is rich in bromaline, a powerful anti-inflammatory that can reduce swelling that occurs as a result of surgery and speed up healing. Plus, it's high in vitamin C, another very important nutrient that expedites the recovery process and repairs wounds.

2. Prevent an unsightly cold sore by getting more of this food into your diet. Is it Greek yogurt or cacao powder?

Peggy says: GREEK YOGURT! Greek yogurt is rich in the amino acid lysine, which is used to prevent and treat cold sores. It basically stops the herpes simplex virus from spreading. However, it's also low in the amino acid arginine, which can cause the virus to spread.  

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3. After a night of 'one too many drinks' which juice will cure your hangover: cucumber or pickle?

Peggy says: PICKLE JUICE! We feel hungover because we are dehydrated. Pickle juice is rich in the electrolyte sodium, which is lost during a night of heavy drinking. Pickle juice helps to replenish this electrolyte and rehydrates your body, helping you feel normal again!

4. If you want a bun in the oven, reach for this in the kitchen to increase fertility. Is it clams or olives?

Peggy says: CLAMS! Clams are one of the riches sources of iron. Low levels of iron can actually prevent ovulation, while those with healthy iron levels report lower levels of infertility. Plus, they contain protein, omega 3 and CoQ10, which all contribute to increased fertility.

5. Regulate your body's metabolism and improve thyroid function by adding this food into your diet: kelp or maca powder?

Peggy says: KELP! Kelp has an exceptionally high iodine content, which is essential for thyroid function. Your thyroid must absorb sufficient amounts of iodine from your blood in order to manufacture and distribute hormones throughout your body. If the thyroid is sluggish and not functioning optimally, your metabolism slows and fatigue and lethargy kick in. Kelp helps to counteract these effects.

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6. Worried about baldness? Keep your full head of hair by eating more of this seafood. Is it tuna or oysters?

Peggy says: OYSTERS! Oysters are one of the highest sources of zinc, and it's a zinc DEFICIENCY that can lead to hair loss. Adding more zinc to your diet can boost testosterone while inhibiting the androgen that causes hair loss. Plus, it's rich in selenium, which can help strengthen hair.

7. Nothing burns quite like the sun. Soothe the sting and protect your skin by sipping on this: green tea or white tea?

Peggy says: GREEN TEA! Green tea is rich in antioxidoant EGCG, a class of phytochemicals. These antioxidants help to counteract free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays, helping to prevent and protect against sunburns.  

8. Breakup with your breakouts and prevent acne by incorporating more of this food into your diet. Is it sweet potatoes or cilantro?

Peggy says: SWEET POTATO! Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps to fight off acne-causing bacteria. Vitamin A and vitamin C, another of sweet potatoes' abundant nutrients, work hard to prevent acne and to heal it should it strike. Sweet potatoes are also low-glycemic, which helps maintain a steady insulin level and avoid the pimply dangers associated with hormonal imbalance.

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