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The Goods guide to gifting: Easy ideas for the new and expectant parents on your list

The items that helped Jessi Cruickshank tackle the early days of parenting with grace just so happen to make perfect holiday gifts.
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It's easy to buy for babies with all of those tiny clothes and adorable stuffed animals out there, not to mention the tons and tons of things babies actually need. So, many typical gifts to new parents end up being entirely for the newborn, but any parent to an infant is running on very little sleep and could certainly use some pampering of their own. These three gift ideas from Jessi Cruickshank combine practicality with comfort for mom and dad – so you'll be on the top of their thank you list once they finally get a minute to themselves.

Mama + Baby Package

This Mama + Baby Package is from a Canadian Company that Jessi loves called Tenth Moon Mothercare. Their whole goal is to care for new moms, so that moms can take even better care of their newborns. This kit has a great mix of stuff, from luxurious things like a Lavender Mineral Soak, organic tea then practical things like a sitz bath, nipple balm, pitted prunes and maternity pads. Jessi got this care package after having her twins and of all the gifts she was sent from family and friends, this care package was the only thing that actually felt like it was made for her. Yes, babies need cute onesies, but mom needs to be taken care of too.

Mama + Baby Package, $195,

OooBaby Bags

Say no to the ugly diaper bag and hello to the Ooobaby Bag. it sounds simple, but it's actually ingenious – a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. They are designed in Canada, and have all the features of a diaper bag but the bag also doubles as a cute purse for everyday. Dads could easily rock this gift too.

The Urban Bag 1969 Woodstock Brown, $438,

"Baby Sleep Training" Gift Card

A gift certificate for a Baby Sleep Training service might be the best thing an exhausted parent could ever receive. Here's how it works: there are sleep training experts in every major city who will come to your home and help you devise (and often execute) a plan to get your baby to start sleeping through the night. So hop online, find a nearby service with good reviews, and give the gift of sleep! It's what every new parent wants for Christmas.