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Super fun life hacks for kids – and those who are young at heart

Make life a little simpler at any age

Make life a little simpler at any age

The hosts at The Goods all love a good life hack. And you certainly can't go wrong with a shortcut that includes balloons or ice cream. Here are three life hacks by kids, for kids – but can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Balloon blow up

Sometimes it's hard to blow up balloons using your mouth, especially when you're a kid. Here's an easy trick that will solve the problem in a snap – and it's super fun to watch!


1. Cut the top third off of a plastic bottle and put aside. This part will act like a funnel later.

2. Now grab an uncut bottle and fill the bottom half with vinegar.

3. Stretch a balloon over the neck of the cut bottle.

4. Flip over the cut bottle now acting as a funnel, and fill the balloon with 2 teaspoons of baking soda.

5. Remove the balloon and stretch it onto neck of the vinegar-filled bottle.

6. Lift the balloon a little, which will dump the baking soda from the balloon into the vinegar below.

7. Watch the balloon blow up!

8. Don't remove the balloon until the mixture stops bubbling.

9. Remove the balloon and tie it up.

Easy French tips

The nail salon may not always be a practical place for kids, but that doesn't mean they don't love a good manicure. Have a spa day at home, instead! Here's how to get perfect nail tips without stepping foot in the salon.


1. Place a large circular sticker on the bottom half of your nail and leave a little uncovered – that will end up being your easy nail tip.

2. Paint the tip of that nail, using the sticker as a guard to prevent polish from getting all over the nail.

3. Let it dry a little, and then pull off the sticker revealing a naturally rounded and perfect French tip.  

Crackly chocolate shell

This hack is perfect for when the kids want to help out in the kitchen. Simple and delicious, with a little supervision, kids can make their very own gourmet dessert. Here's how to make a chocolate shell for ice cream.


1. Mix 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with 1/4 cup chocolate chips on stovetop.

2. Once the mixture has liquefied, simply pour it over ice cream.

3. Watch it cool and harden, add sprinkles and serve!

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