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Spice up your sex life with these hot new sex toys

We've got the latest in toys and tech for the bedroom.
(Source: We-Vibe)

About 33 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men lack the desire to have sex regularly – that translates to millions of adults in Canada! One way to help in the bedroom is to introduce some toys. Sex educator and researcher, Robin Milhausen stopped by to show us some of the latest gadgets and toys thanks to Love Shop in Guelph.

For the romantic couple

Secret Lovers Massage Candle

This product is a candle and edible massage oil. Just burn the candle for romance, and when you extinguish it, you're left with edible massage oil. Simply spoon it into your hand and use as a massage oil – it's flavoured and deliciously tasty!

For the tech couple


Reviews for the Womanizer are crazy! This could be a good investment, as it's one of the pricier toys. It attaches to your clitoris with a removable suction tip that simulates oral sex. Similar devices were designed for medical use but now it's available to the public. It has a variety of speeds and it can be a bit tricky to get into position, but it's designed to bring blood flow to the clitoris, and sexual arousal is all about blood flow to the genitals!

We-Vibe Sync

This toy is made by a Canadian company and is designed by a husband and wife team. It's the first sex toy to be worn during intercourse and it has gone through a number of versions, but the latest is the most high tech. The vibrations are programmable by app – so you can program it for your partner from afar!

For the Adventurous Couple

Trojan Wand

Trojan now has vibrators that you can get at the grocery store or drug store that are super accessible and well priced. This one in particular provides awesome bang for your buck. The Trojan Wand is modeled after the Hitachi Wonder wand, which is famous for helping women who've never had orgasms achieve orgasm. This toy has a similar shape and style, but it's a little less obtrusive, as the Hitachi plugs into the wall. The Trojan Wand is also super powerful, and very portable.


The Wedge has a 27 degree angle – perfect for all kinds of positions, G-spot stimulation and oral sex. The high density foam of the Liberator supports the body and prevents sinking into the bed. The microfiber cover feels great, and is removable and washable. And it's great for watching TV afterwards!