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Simply exquisite: Add a little elegance to every room in your home on any budget

Steven Sabados shares how to get a sophisticated space in no time at all

Steven Sabados shares how to get a sophisticated space in no time at all

(Credit: Jenkins Interiors, Nathan Schroder Photography)

Adding elegance to any space is simple and doable at any price point. Contrary to popular believe, a refined space does not need to be an uptight space – elegance does not equate stuffy. When in doubt, look to luxurious hotels for design cues, and of course, designer extraordinaire Steven Sabados. Working your way to a sophisticated and beautiful space is all about good design, and Steven has some simple ways to add a touch of elegance throughout your home.

The bathroom

Low cost option: Textiles and counter accessories such as a new soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, shower curtain, new towels or a bath mat

Adding colour or beautiful texture through textiles and countertop accessories is the way to go without spending a ton. Invest in a few quality hand towels for a luxe feel and look. If you have kids and are worried about the linens getting stained, set them aside for when guests come by. Adding new accessories is also an easy way to incorporate trends because they're low-commitment and easy to switch out.

Medium cost option:  New hardware

Investing in new hardware is a super easy way to add elegance to a bathroom. Brass definitely elevates the space – and this is not your mother's brass. The newer raw metal will gain a great patina with age and become more attractive over time. Developments in protective coatings have also helped give the new wave of brass longevity. Whatever metal you go for, be sure to choose hardware with sleek and elegant lines for the ultimate luxe look.

High cost option:  New fixtures

Choose shapes that are graceful and stylish in appearance. Avoid over embellishment and too many bells and whistles to make your investment count and opt for simple and sleek.

The bedroom

Low cost option: Textiles such as pillows, duvet cover, shams, and throws

Elegance does not necessarily mean neutral. Think of an elegant Oscars dress or pant suit; it should be well planned out and properly coordinated. This kind of style is less about fashion and more about spending time and effort pulling a look together. Carefully consider every element before investing – it all needs to come together like a great outfit.

Medium cost option: Textured wall covering

(Credit: Steven Gambrel, via Architectural Digest)

Go for the classics! When curating an elegant look take your cues from design history. Selecting a look that will stand the test of time is important. With wallpaper, look to the classics for instant elegance. This blue grasscloth will always be elegant.  

High cost option: Crystal accents

Crystal tends to have a refined grace and almost always add instant elegance. Add it in moderation in your lamp, or within a sculpture that will make a side table pop.

The living room

Low cost option: Textiles such as new pillows and throw blankets 

Textiles are always the easiest way to incorporate a new look into any room. To create elegance through textiles in a living room, less is more; keep layering to a minimum or the room will read as messy.

Medium cost option: One-of-a-kind accessories

A stand-out piece is a simple way to add elegance. Look for artisanal items at flea markets and antique stores that add interest to your living experience. Keep accessories minimal and beautiful in design to achieve elegance without appearing too flashy. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is the best policy; a beautiful ottoman can be just that, requiring no adornment.

High cost option: New drapery

Floor to ceiling draperies are the epitome of elegance. If your budget allows for it, almost always go for a custom made option tailored to your space. A column style that kisses the floor will add amazing drama and volume, while a soft colour palette and a coordinating curtain rod will lend itself to a truly flawless design.

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