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Simple and inexpensive DIY manicures for luxe holiday nails

Get a salon-styled manicure with fishnets and plastic wrap

Get a salon-styled manicure with fishnets and plastic wrap

During these cold, dark Canadian winters, we all need to find ways to brighten up our lives in any way we can, and a manicure is always a fun place to start! The biggest nail trend for this winter is metallic accents. Not only is it super festive, but it's a great way to add a little bit of shimmer to your manicure. Although professional manicures look amazing, they can be expensive, so Rita Remark, nail artist extraordinaire and Global Lead Educator for essie stopped by The Goods to share three easy techniques on how to nail this look yourself at home and get a luxury look for less.

Gold leaf effect

Laying gold leaf on nails is super pretty but at about $25 for a bag it can be really expensive. Rita prefers to recreate the look of gold leaf with metallic polishes and a faux finish sponge technique to get a similar look for much less. Here's how:

What you'll need:

  • Polish for base colour
  • Gold polish
  • Plastic kitchen wrap
  • Paint pallet or tin foil


1. Apply two coats of your desired base colour.

2. Add a couple drops of your gold metallic polish to your paint palette.

3. Crinkle up a piece of plastic wrap and press it lightly into the gold.

4. Blot the plastic wrap a few times on a paper towel and then "stamp" it directly onto your nails.

5. With this look remember that it's great to keep it random; some nails should have less "gold leaf" while others have more. Try this look with red polish, or with a nude undercoat to make the gold really pop!

Dry brushing

Lots of shows at fashion week utilize dry brushing nail techniques on the models because it gives a super luxe finish with minimal effort. Here's how to get the look.

What you'll need:

  • Polish for base colour
  • Silver polish
  • Fan makeup brush
  • Paint pallet or tin foil
  • Water


1. After two coats of your desired base colour have dried, add a couple drops of your silver metallic polish to your palette.

2. Dip a fan brush into some water to spike out the bristles.

3. Then, dip the tips of the brush into the metallic puddle.

4. Lay down the brush to one side of the nail and lightly "flick" it inward to the nail creating movement and a great dry brushed finish.

Croc print

Fishnets tend to get runs over time, but Rita suggests you to hang onto them and they'll help you achieve an amazing crocodile print on your nails. Here's what to do.

What you'll need:

  • Polish for base colour
  • Copper polish
  • Fishnet tights
  • Paint palette or tin foil
  • Cosmetic wedge


1. After base coat, apply two coats of your desired base colour. Let it dry for 5-8 min (or until it's not sticky anymore).

2. Lay a piece of fishnet stockings overtop of the nail and hold it securely with your other hand.

3. On your palette (or piece of tinfoil) add a couple drops of your copper metallic polish to form a puddle.

4. Next, dab a cosmetic wedge into the puddle and then lightly dab it onto the nail with the fishnet, making sure to keep the stocking in place.

5. Then, lift off the fishnet to reveal the crocodile print and move onto the next nail.

Note: This look can transfer some polish onto the cuticle area. If that happens, just clean it up with remover and a brush or cotton swab and voila! Don't worry about being too perfect, this style looks best when the finish of each nail looks organic.

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