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Shaving 101: Avoid razor burn and irritation with these easy tips

Say goodbye annoying razor burn and in-grown hairs! Here are a hair removal expert's tips for getting the best shave possible every time.

Tired of struggling with razor burn and in-grown hairs? You don't have to anymore. We sat down with hair removal expert and founder of WAXON Waxbar Lexi Miles to give you some tips and tricks for getting the best shave possible every time. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you hop in the shower:

Never shave dry!

Shaving your legs or face dry is a big no-no, as there's a great chance of cutting yourself and causing irritation. Shaving with soap is actually just as bad, as it dries out your skin big time. Lexi recommends using gels, as they last long and give you a closer shave. Shaving creams are also effective, as they provide a rich, lubricating "cushion" for your skin. Many are glycerine-based to reduce the chances of the cream drying your skin out, and their moisturising properties make them especially good if you have particularly tough stubble to contend with. If you run out of cream or gel, use an oil like WAXON Bodyshot Oil or coconut oil, which has soothing properties and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, to reduce the chance of razor burn. 

Choose your razor wisely — and know how to sharpen it

When choosing a razor, avoid those 1 or 2 blade disposables, as they'll heighten your chances of cutting yourself and drying out your skin. Stick to a 3+ blade rule. While women's razors tend to have more moisture in the gel around the blades, men's razors tend to be made for coarser facial hair and can heighten the risk of cutting yourself. 

If you want to make your razor last longer, try out the Blue Jean Method for sharpening, which can double or triple its lifespan. To try out the Blue Jean Method, simply take a piece of denim and push the razor upward about 20 times before and after use. Clean with rubbing alcohol after doing this.

Combat razor burn with serums and home remedies

Razor burn is skin irritation and ingrown hairs that occur post-shaving. In addition to exfoliating before your shave, and using a sharp razor over a dull one, applying a post-shave serum like the Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum will help soothe your skin. In a pinch? Make your own home remedy by mixing honey and plain yogurt together and administering mixture on skin. Honey is anti-bacterial and moisturizes the skin, while yogurt is cooling, anti-inflammatory and works to remove redness.

Shave your underarms at night before bed

Shaving in the morning leaves your pores open. Then, when you apply deodorant and leave for work, the sweat and germs from being outside clog those pores, causing inflammation. 

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