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Relax, digest, energize: The teas to curl up with for all your cold weather woes

Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos breaks down which teas to reach for to cope with stress, digestion or that midday slump.

Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos on which teas to reach for to cope with stress, digestion or that midday slump

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The weather is cooler, the days are shorter and this is the time of year where our energy levels begin to dip. The health benefits of teas have long been touted but knowing what to drink and when can help you access different benefits throughout the day. Holistic nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos has some recommendations for which ones to reach for and why.


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Chamomile and lemon balm teas are great to relax with. Chamomile is a natural sedative, so having a cup just 45 minutes before bed can help you get to sleep faster. Both lemon balm and chamomile are great for anti-anxiety and helping you to chill out after a busy day. Be sure to stay away from white tea, because the caffeine content is high and it may keep you from relaxing.


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If you're feeling a little bloated and want to settle your stomach, fennel and ginger teas are great options. When you drink a ginger tea it increases the digestive fluids in your body, helping to reduce bloating and gas. Ginger also helps to get rid of nausea – plus it tastes great! There isn't usually a need to sweeten herbal tea since it's naturally tasty, but you can add a little bit of honey if you're craving some added sweetness.

Energy without dehydration

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Some people need a boost of energy during their day, but they don't want to end up with dry mouth as a result. Yerba mate and peppermint tea provide the boost you need without the downsides. Yerba mate is a black tea with almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee. It can help with mental clarity, focus and concentration without that the dry mouth that often comes with caffeine. And peppermint tea, even just the smell, will energize you. It can aid with short term concentration and energy. Peppermint can even help with digestion, unlike most energy drinks that often upset the stomach.