Putting the latest pet gadgets to the test

The hottest new gadgets for your furry friends. Here's what's new in pet tech.

Some of the hottest gadgets on the market are aimed at entertaining your pets! Wondering which one's work as well as they claim to? We're testing out some of the latest pet toys and gadgets for all you animal owners out there.

The Little Sonic Handheld Egg Dog Bark Control Device

The Claim: To help deter unwanted barking using ultrasonic sounds

Our tester tried out the product on her pup. It didn't work so well but it did work on other dogs. There is a larger model of the bark device that seems to be getting better reviews, so if you do have a dog with an uncontrollable bark that may be your answer.

Retails for $27.49 at PetSmart

The Petcube

The Claim: It promises to keep you connected with your pet pals 24/7 – it's an interactive camera that allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet!

This gadget from PetCube seems to be the cat's meow! Our tester – a cat mom of two – tried this out and loved it. She was able to check in with her pets whenever she wanted – as well as exercise her cats using the built in laser toy – and she was able to do this remotely.

Retails for $200 approx

Go Dog Go Fetch Machine 

The Claim: The automatic ball launcher allows your dog to play safely and independently.

The machine from Go Dog Go Inc. comes in two sizes – one for large dogs and another for smaller dogs. We gave this to a doggie daycare and they gave this a rave review. It may take awhile for dogs to be trained to retrieve and return balls but once they get the hang of it they can have hours of play time on their own or with their owners!

Retails for $150 approx

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