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Oversized art is the on-trend statement your home is missing

It’s time to finally forget the ‘small artwork for small walls’ theory.

It’s time to finally forget the ‘small artwork for small walls’ theory.

Many people have the misconception that a small amount of wall space calls for small-scale wall art. In fact, the opposite is true – large wall hangings in a small room can actually make the room seem bigger. And the entryway to your home is an ideal place to let this decor tip play out in real life. After all, the entryway is a guest's first peek into for your home and the perfect way to make a statement. Design aficionado Steven Sabados advocates that no matter the size of your entryway, stretch the limits of your space. In other words, buy the biggest piece of art that your space allows. Here are some tips for making the right artistic choice for your walls.

Work with your furniture and room

Ideally, you should hang art 4-6 inches above the designated piece of furniture so that it doesn't look cramped. Art should be approximately ⅔ width of the furniture. This is a dramatic ratio that still won't overwhelm a room – if you go bigger, it'll feel lopsided and weird.

If you have a small entryway, opt for wall art that's still about ⅔ the size of the wall. If possible, go as low to the baseboard and as high to the ceiling as you can to maximize the potential size of the work your wall can handle. You might think that a big piece would make a small room look even smaller, but it actually has the opposite effect if you pick a piece that isn't too busy. A large work can be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cramped entryway.

Don't be afraid to go unframed

Scaling up in a small space is really effective in making a big impact, and going unframed will buy you even more space. An unframed work gives off a casual vibe, which may work in your home. Your art should also stand alone and doesn't need to match your space.

Colourful art will add energy to the space, and abstract art can be a great choice because it doesn't have to match or represent anything. Pick a piece that provokes a mood or emotion that you like – because in the end, you should always buy what you like.

Make a statement

There's an edginess to realist art because it tells a very clear story and makes a statement. You don't need it to tie into the colour scheme or decor of your home. This piece is perfect for a foyer because you can get close to it and appreciate the fine detail. A lot of joy comes from being able to appreciate the subtle details of a piece like this when you come home every day – so be sure to pick a piece that you can't get enough of.

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