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Liven up your living space with these colourful decorating tips

Ready to add some drama and colour to your home, but not sure how? Here are some simple decorating tips to incorporate colour into your living space.

Decorating with colour can seem daunting, even risky. But the rewards of incorporating this aesthetic into your home are worth it. Adding colour to a room is an easy way to make a space seem playful, yet sophisticated. Steven wanted to show us how fun and simple decorating with colour can be. So, if you're looking to step away from the safety of neutrals (anyone else a little tired of 'greige'?) and liven up your room, here are some helpful tips:

Accessorize with dramatic accents

Up the drama of any room with geometric shapes, bold metallics and colourful accents! Add visual interest to any living space with colourful vases or metallic accents, such as we did with this brass skull from Black Rooster. For a statement piece, we incorporated these stunning geometric iron tree cocktail tables from Roche Bobois.

Go bold with accent pillows

One of the easiest ways to add colour to any space is with pillows! They're a great way to incorporate bold prints and graphic patterns. Simple and relatively inexpensive, a few accent pillows will instantly transform your space into a colourful retreat.

Aim for symmetry

When arranging your decor, aim for a symmetrical layout. This gives a feeling of stability, calmness and dignity. Trust us, it's not as hard as it sounds. It can be achieved through the use of pattern, arrangement of furniture, fixtures and millwork. Think about if you drew a line right down the middle of the room – they would be equal on both sides. For instance, the bird lamp and tree provide symmetry on either side of the sofa and the Roche Bobois daybed and blue velvet S&C Collection Eastbrook sofa mirror each other in this room.

Add a hint of whimsy

Gone are the days where everything has to match! We say fill your space with things that have meaning to you – pieces that you love. Incorporate pieces from your travels. Showcase that eccentric flea market piece you fell in love with. Not only will these accents make your house feel more like your home, but they'll serve as amazing conversation starters! This fun bird lamp from Roche Robois is the perfect example!

DIY a little

Really make a room a reflection of your style and taste by putting your own stamp on existing furniture. Transform a traditional piece of furniture into a focal point by adding over-sized wheels to a dresser. It quickly becomes a standout piece with a utilitarian edge. Function and beauty – we're all for it!

Opt for comfort

At the end of the day, your living space always needs to be a space you feel comfortable in – no matter what colour scheme you choose. Add soft and luxe textures to your room to make your space feel warm and inviting – and a place you actually want to relax in. Think cozy throws and plush sheepskin rugs. To make a statement, opt for a piece of furniture in a rich fabric such as velvet or tartan. We're obsessed with the Jean Paul Gaultier tartan fabric daybed from Roche Bobois!

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Black Rooster

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  • Sheepskin rug

One-of-a-kind skull art made by Steven Sabados