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Instant art: Turn any keepsake into a statement piece with a shadow box

Put your memories on display with a simple DIY

Put your memories on display with a simple DIY

The walls in your home the perfect place for displaying a well-curated collection. And while we've shown you how to master the gallery wall, silk screen a Warhol-inspired piece and even make an ombre landscape watercolour painting, your own keepsakes can be art too. Shadow boxes are an easy way to put those sentimental items on display instead of keeping them tucked away in a drawer or a box under the bed — baby clothes, letters, tickets, or even trinkets from your favourite vacation. Anything, yes anything, can be made into a piece of art with the help of a shadow box. Plus, it's basically an instant transformation. And to prove it, the hosts of The Goods all brought in a random object of their own and got to work. Here's how to make a shadow box to house your favourite objects.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Glue gun with glue (velcro is a less permanent option)
  • Object for display
  • Shadow box frame (large enough to fit the object)
  • Foam core (optional)
  • Coloured paper

Here's how to do it:

1. Remove the back from the shadow box and glue coloured paper to the back to jazz up the background. You can also use white paper here if you prefer.

2. Place your object in the centre of the backboard and mark with a pencil.

3. Now is the time to add some small pieces of foam core if you want to build height. Secure with hot glue.

4. Put a dot of hot glue or a small piece of velcro on the pencil mark and in the centre of your item.

5. Secure your keepsake and allow to dry.

6. Put the back on the frame, and hang!

Andrea, having grown up doing ballet, brought in her childhood pointe shoes. Shahir, brought in a book full of test recipes. Jessi saw double with two pairs of high tops from her twins. Steven turned up with a piece of fabric he created when learning how to use a loom.

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