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How to: Faux finish it!

Do you have an old table or chair that's in major need of a facelift? Spruce it up by adding a faux finish. It's an easy, DIY technique that helped Steven get his start in the design world.
This malachite faux finish is gorgeous — and simple to execute

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Every decor aficionado has an origin story, and for Steven Sabados it all started with a little technique called faux finishing. Steven got his feet wet in the design business by transforming blank walls and old pieces of furniture into textured works of art with this decorative paint style.

For those who haven't picked up a brush in a while, faux finishing is a method of painting that adds the impression of materials like stone, wood, or brick to whatever surface you're working with — meaning you can revamp an old jewelry box into a marble masterpiece, or fashion a neglected wall into aged brick.

Steven teaches Andrea, Jessi and Shahir his DIY finishing technique

It may sound intimidating at first — but never fear! Steven has simplified everything with this DIY guide to creating a gorgeous malachite finish that'll add a burst of colour to any room.

Jessi adds some texture by creating a "free form wave" with black paint

Here's what you'll need:

  • Primer
  • Green acrylic paint (We used Sherwin Williams 6746 Julep Semi-Gloss finish)
  • Dark green tint
  • Glaze
  • 2-part epoxy or varnish
  • Heavy Body Acrylic in black
  • Retardant
  • Round bristle brush
  • Cardstock (or wine box dividers)
Shahir puts the finishing touches on his malachite design


  1.  Prime surface first
  2. Paint one coat of green acrylic paint.
  3. Mix 1 part dark green tint and 5 parts glaze. Add black tint until you get an almost fully black paint with just a hint of green. Add a generous amount of retardant. Mix well using stir stick.
  4. Cut jagged strips off the end of a small piece of cardboard approximately 3" x 3". Tear another piece to give it a rough edge.
  5. Stipple the glaze onto surface.
  6. Using cardboard tool, apply paints in a swirling or "free form wave" motion to duplicate the malachite look. Be sure to alternate between the two pieces to ensure you're getting a varied look. Let dry overnight.
  7. Add a 2-part epoxy to seal for a long lasting finish.
Beautifully styled, these faux finished pieces add a burst of colour to any room

And voilà! Your run-down pieces are just like new again. With a malachite finish this easy, you'll want to turn everything you own to stone.