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Get your summer wardrobe fall ready

Colder weather doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your summer favourites

Colder weather doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your summer favourites

The leaves are changing and the days are getting longer. It's definitely fall. Does that mean it's the end to our amazing summer wardrobe we worked so hard to build? Not necessarily.

Style Expert, Mila Yudina came by The Goods studio to show us how we can adapt some pieces from our summer wardrobe for the new season.

She's going to show us how to transition three of summer's popular staples, a cropped pant, a slip dress and white jeans, seamlessly into Fall.

Cropped pant

Anne wrote to us and told us that she loves her cropped pants. She's been wearing them so much that her Instagram feed is now plastered with those pants. She's not ready to give them up for fall. Thankfully, the cropped pant is easy to pair with a bootie, a pair of stockings and a heel. Here's how Mila styled those pants for Anne.

This cropped pant is still a lighter weight, but because it's black it can weave easily into any fall wardrobe. Silhouette and balance are key with the cropped pant. You have to understand what looks right on your body type. Try adding longer layers on top, like the wool trench coat or sweater, to achieve the perfect balance for you.

Cropped pants need a great pair of shoes. She chose this pair of booties for a pop of colour. A bootie that is tight to the ankle is more flattering, because it doesn't break the leg line.

Floral slip dress

Maria told us she loves wearing slip dresses in the summer, made of satins and soft flowy fabrics. She spends at least half the summer in one.

Transitioning summer items like this floral dress into fall is all about layering. By pairing this dress with a knit, a moto jacket, and adding a pair of boots, this makes the dress feel comfortable visually, and it wears well into the colder weather. Spray fabrics with static guard to prevent these types of dresses from sticking to you.

White Jeans

Elisa is a busy mom who loves to rock her white denim in the summer.

White denim in the fall is completely acceptable, depending on what you style it with. It's not just a summer staple anymore. Mila added a great tan trench coat with sheen to help transition the pant, as well as a great textured knit that helps play off the stark white denim. Finish the look with a great bootie. In general, mixing neutrals is a good way to play with white denim. Always pair with heavier fabrics—just like the summer floral dress—to bring it into fall. Other options to pair white jeans with include neutrals, knits, denim jacket, or runners.

Now what was your summer wardrobe is ready for fall. Bring on the new season!