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Eclectic design, oversized florals and more hot home decor trends set to take over in 2018

It’s going to be a cosmic, bright year in decor, according to Steven Sabados

It’s going to be a cosmic, bright year in decor, according to Steven Sabados

With its colour blocking of green, fuchsia and orange and repetition of leopard print, this living room designed by Eileen Kathryn Boyd is the perfect example of the Pop art-inspired trend of 2018 (Source: by Eileen Kathryn Boyd)

With any new year, comes a deluge of predictions, resolutions and advice. And when it comes to decor trends, it's difficult to determine which ones are worth our attention. It can be hard to find the gems through all the noise, but thankfully for us, Steven Sabados is always keeping his ear to the ground for what's new and trending. Although January is usually a time for out with the old and in with the new, it turns out the trends that are about to take over are a new take on the old — and we're totally on board. Curated, oversized, and hyper-saturated, it looks like 2018 is going to be all about making a high-impact, colourful statement. If you're wondering what to look for and how to work this into your own home, look no further — Steven's picked four decor trends to put on your radar this year.

Pop art-inspired

(Credit: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)

Home decor and fashion trends are often intertwined. This season, we're seeing a lot Pop art on the Spring 2018 runways of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace and other designers.

(Source: by Eileen Kathryn Boyd)

This colourful trend translates really well to home decor, with a mature and chic approach to the late '50s and early '60s pop art trend as seen in this bright space above, designed by Eileen Kathryn Boyd of EKB Interiors. the space is full of bright colours and the green is carried through the space on the walls, sofa and chair though various decor pieces. The style is marked by clean, crisp and bold colour blocking. Repetition of shape and pattern is definitely key to achieving this look in your own space.

Incorporate this at home by seeking out high-contrast colours — we love Boyd's use of green and fuchsia above. Colour blocking is key, meaning that you focus on using colours that are solid and stand on their own. Choose three colours and repeat them at least twice, as in the inspo image. If pattern is used, it should be repeated, such as with the leopard on chair and pillow as seen in the room above. And art should not match the decor if you're going for a true Pop art look. Instead, bring bright colour or graphic elements to an otherwise neutral space. Oversized is always best — Pop art makes a statement, so the bigger the better.

Oversized floral

Florals have been trending for a while now, but this year it's on a whole new the scale — one that's making a statement. The best part is that florals can integrate very easily into your existing decor, and if your colours coordinate, then a floral pattern can act as an organic backdrop to your space.

Wallpaper is an easy and impactful way to incorporate this trend into your home. But whereas accent walls have been popular in the past, Steven suggests avoiding them and instead, commit to a full room. The flower becomes an abstract print. And, fear not, because a very contemporary wallpaper can absolutely work with a traditional space.

If this trend it too bold for you, you can incorporate florals into your existing decor through textiles. Try and coordinate with what you have. Repeat the pattern for seamless integration — like the pillows and drapery in the room above. As you can see in this inspo pic, the matching and repetition of prints is on its way back in.


This hyper-curated design concept is based on the idea of creating a well-traveled and totally collected space. It's a Gen X Influenced look, and basically anything goes. There are no themes here — just a well-curated space. Everything should make a statement on its own, or your space will look like a messy jumble or objects instead of a set of carefully curated choices.

This look is all about striking a balance, so pair old and new objects, repeat colours, and balance materials. The trick is for every hard surface — such as a coffee table — balance it with a soft surface — think throw pillows or a padded chair.

Ultra violet

(Source: Pantone)

As always, the annual Pantone Color of the Year will influence retail globally, from food fashion, beauty to home decor, and even food. This year's colour is Ultra Violet, a "complex and colourful" hue that is bold and surprisingly stunning despite its intense hue and electric quality. And what better way to begin a brand new year than with a colour that is "often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today's over-stimulated world."

This is a gorgeous colour that you can incorporate in a few of 2018's trends, like the far-fetched and floral decor looks. Textiles are the easiest way to integrate this colour into you home without fully committing to an entirely purple room. But of course, if you are feeling ultra bold, add some Ultra Violet paint to your walls.