DIY wall art: Turn any blank space into an abstract masterpiece

Steven answers a viewer question and shows us a do-it-yourself way to transform a blank wall.

When a viewer named Shannon asked Steven: "Any decor inspiration on how to finish off a blank 12ft long wall in our newly renovated living room?" he got right to work. An easy way to fill a large wall is to create your own art using blank art canvases. They're pre-primed, so they're ready to go with no prep needed! Plus, this DIY can be done on a large scale. Here's how to do it.

What you'll need:

  • Canvases in various sizes to fill wall
  • Black paint (slightly watered down)
  • 4-5" stain brushes with short, soft bristles
  • Paint trays
  • Mending plates & screws (available at hardware stores)


1. Place canvases face down on the floor or a table, so they are side by side in your desired pattern. Join them together with mending plates and screws. This process is temporary in order to paint the art as if it's one large canvas.

2. Flip canvases over and place on dropcloth, on either the floor or a table. If you do not have enough room, mount the canvases on the wall that you will be placing the finished art.

3. Using broad strokes, brush paint on canvases in a random abstract pattern. Continue painting until desired look is achieved.

4. Allow to dry for 24 hours before removing mending plates. Hang on wall, leaving a few inches between each canvas.

When his DIY was done, Steven gifted the art to Shannon so she could hang it in her living room!

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