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Designer tips for decorating a gender neutral nursery

Designer Christine Dovey shows us how to decorate the perfect gender neutral nursery.

Whether you're keeping the sex of your baby a surprise until birth, or just aren't that into gender binaries, designing a nursery that's gender neutral is a great alternative to the usual pink or blue themed space. So, we talked to designer Christine Dovey who gave us some amazing tips for decorating a cozy room fit for any and every bundle of joy. 

Choose a neutral colour palette

A black and white colour palette, like the one used above, is perfect for a nursery if you don't know what you're having. Babies only see in B&W when first born anyway, so you want to create a room with lots of textures, not necessarily colour. Plus, with a neutral palette, your space will last a lot longer without your child growing out of it. If you're not a fan of stark black and white, try playing with shades of cream and grey as well. This will give the nursery a sophisticated edge — just make sure to add in some playful elements so the room still reads as a space for a child. 

Have fun with wall decor

Adding a mural, like the one pictured above, will make the nursery feel playful without looking childish. Though it provides a lot of pattern and interest in the room, it's neutral enough that art can be layered on top — and switched out as your child grows and tastes change. If you want to bring in an extra touch of whimsy, hang up a neon sign like this heart-shaped one

Keep your lighting modern 

Floor lamps are graphic, modern and give an elegant feel to the room that can then be reapproriated to other places throughout the house as your little one grows. 

Create an alternative change table

Instead of bringing in a changing table, use a large, long dresser. Place a changing pad frame on top so that when your baby gets older this can easily be removed. Even with the pad frame, there is still ample space on the other side of the for functionality and/or decor. You'll need a place to put diapers, creams, clothes etc. within easy reach with infants, so the larger dresser works so much better than a single changing table. Plus, you can use the dresser as storage for both clothes and toys once your baby is out of diapers!

Add in some seating

A settee or loveseat is the perfect furniture piece for a nursery because of its function and longevity. Unlike a glider or rocker that will have to be sold when the child grows, a small sofa will serve the test of time. It's the perfect spot for feedings, reading stories and late night snuggles. The one pictured above is gender neutral due to its feminine shape but masculine upholstery Similarly, this plaid chair (below) is a cozy place to rest with upholstery feels neutral because of the soft grey classic plaid.

Layer, layer, layer

Since you're keeping the colours neutral, make sure to fill the space with tons of textures and tones like fur, wool, linen etc. to really give your baby's nursery a warm, comforting vibe. Placing a sheepskin like this one on top of an area rug means there's a soft surface for little baby knees that again can grow with the child — and isn't gender specific.

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