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Create this DIY birdfeeder for the nature lover on your list this season

A sweet homemade gift for all our friends, feathered or not.

A sweet homemade gift for all our friends, feathered or not.

This time of year, gifting can be particularly daunting. We have a soft spot for DIYs and a homemade gift is an excellent way to add a personal touch and add an extra bit of meaning to your present. Designer extraordinaire, Steven Sabados always has a DIY for us to craft, but this one is especially great for gifting. As Steven says, when you can personalize a gift to the recipient, you should always give something that provides a little bit of unexpected joy because it shows that you put time and thought into it. That's why this DIY birdhouse is thoughtful, beautiful, and fun to watch – plus, it's a gift for our feathered friends, too.

For this craft, you can use suet, which is a hard fat found in beef and mutton that can safely be fed to birds. But if that makes you squirm, natural peanut butter is okay too. Especially in cold climates, peanut butter is nutritious and an easier option to find. Be sure to source a good mix of different kinds of seeds to attract a wide variety of birds.

What you'll need:

  • Wooden bird house
  • Suet or natural peanut butter (vegetarian option)
  • Bird seed
  • Natural embellishments – leaves, branches, berries, etc.
  • Paint brush
  • Sauce pan


1. Bring your suet or natural peanut butter to room temperature.

2. Paint the suet/peanut butter onto one side of the birdhouse. You can use your hands but this may get messy!

3. Push the birdseed into the suet/peanut butter. Make patterns or colour block the birdseed to add interest.

4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 until the entire house is covered in bird seed, including the roof.

5. Place about ¼ cup of suet/peanut butter into a saucepan and melt it down. Do not boil – you are trying to achieve a thin paint like consistency.

6. Paint the thin suet/peanut butter onto the birdhouse on top of the existing layer of birdseed.

7. Place more birdseed on the house and fill in any holes. Step 6 and 7 are meant to tidy up the look of the house, making the gift as pretty as possible.

8. Decorate the house by adding branches, berries, or any greenery you like.

There you have it, a bird feeder as beautiful as it is tasty!