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Create a striking feminine space with curves, contrasts and bold florals

Steven Sabados just created the dining room of our dreams.

Steven Sabados just created the dining room of our dreams.

Designers are looking to create softer spaces, in contrast to the hard, sharp lines that have been seen in modern, minimalist design of late. Instead, feminine spaces are becoming popular in a big way, so Steven Sabados pulled together some unexpected pieces to show us know to incorporate the trend in a dining space.

The term 'pretty' or 'feminine' decor can conjure up different images for everyone; Steven went for an esthetic that's classic, with a soft and eclectic spin on tradition.

Don't fear florals

If you're going to commit to a floral, really go for it. Pick blooms that are big. This wall acts as a focal point for the entire space. Let it make a statement. Smaller florals can look old fashioned, but more importantly they will get lost amongst strong furniture. It doesn't have to be a literal flower, a loose interpretation of one can be more interesting in the end.

Keep contrast in mind

This table is a classic/modern mash up, with its strong base and glass top. Glass is great, especially for a small space, and this allows the area rug to be highlighted. Variety adds visual interest; the way you use textures can really make or break a room, so mix hard with soft, shiny with matte, and smooth with coarse.

Choose pieces with cool curves

Rounded shapes and smooth lines are the way to go for a softer 'pretty' space. Choose shapes that are reminiscent of a ruffle, like the scooped arm on this chandelier. You can still create a feminine look without using quintessentially feminine colours, as seen with the candle sticks int he centre of the table. Shape and material is far more important to consider than colour in a feminine space.

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