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Cozy up your home this season with cabin chic decor

Steven Sabados shares how to strike the right balance between modern and rustic to create a truly inviting space.

Steven Sabados shares how to strike the right balance between modern & rustic to create a truly inviting space

Whether you have a cabin or not, cabin chic decor will make any space feel cozy and inviting.  And as the months get colder, it's time to add some warm textures to your home. It can be hard to achieve this look without taking theming too far, but Steven Sabados has some tips for striking a balance between modern and rustic. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to achieve a cabin chic look in your own space.

Strike a balance

Work contemporary touches into your room to keep the look modern and less themed. Modern and rustic styles complement each other beautifully. For example, the rustic raw wood of the coffee table contrasts with the chrome of its sides, giving it a contemporary but rustic feel.  

The sofa is in a natural linen, but its contemporary oversized shape keeps it looking up-to-date.

For extra seating, a mid-century modern frame on a chair mixed with classic leather will age incredibly well.

Finding items with a balance between the modern and rustic design worlds will ensure that your vision for the room comes together with ease.

Create drama

Opt for over-scale pieces where you can. It's always a good idea to create visual tension with scale, but in a cabin use it to your advantage. Stick to incorporating weighty pieces that won't topple if things get hectic with friends and family – the cabin should be a place everyone can feel comfortable.

Focus on the home's best features. The rug and furniture placement creates an intimate living space with enough room for the whole family to gather. Make the fireplace the focal point of the room, rather than the TV.

Keep it organic

This style lends itself to natural colours and finishes for a cozy look. Texture is everything in cabin chic decor, so opt for natural finishes wherever possible. With all the stone and wood in a cabin, there are a lot of jagged edges, so make sure there are places to settle in and absorb the view.

Layer tons of texture into the room – a little bit of cozy underfoot in a cabin is great. Something with a higher pile is the right choice for the cottage, especially if it's in use during the winter months.

Choose contemporary touches

Your cabin's features and view outside should get the attention – so make the accent pieces count. Splurge on interesting antiques, large copper containers and woven baskets.

Add colour in seasonally. Brighten it up in the summer with some colourful throws, pillow, flowers, etc. but the best way to keep a cabin looking chic is to keep it monochromatic.

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