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Astronaut sheets and elephant chairs: The latest trends in home decor for kids

Steven breaks down the best in kids' home decor, so your little one can play and sleep in style.

When it comes to decorating your kids' rooms, there are so many innovative products out there that will add both fun and function to their space. But, narrowing down the best products from the sea of options out there can be difficult. To help make things easier, Steven broke down the latest trends in kids' home decor, so your little ones can play and sleep in style.

Snurk Duvet Sets

Ignite your child's imagination with these playful duvet sets from Amara. With tons of different options from astronauts, to ballerinas, to firefighters and mermaids, you can match your little one's bedding to their interests, adding an element of fun to bedtime.


Graphic wallpaper

Get away from traditional kids' wallpaper and try out some of these cool styles from Aimee Wilder. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, these gorgeous styles are then hand-printed on clay-coated stock. Plus, they come in versatile prints, like the pink pineapples above, so they'll work just as well on your munchkin's walls as they start to age. Use the promo code WELOVECANADA25 to take 25% off your order.

If you're looking for something a little more simple, these black-and-white wallpaper styles from Chasing Paper will do just the trick. Their paper is made from a peel-and-stick fabric, which gives it that rich texture you see in more traditional wallpapers. Chasing Paper also uses a non-toxic, low-tack adhesive that makes it simple to hang and easy to remove once your youngster grows out of it.

Novella Dresser

This asymmetrical five-drawer chest from Ella and Elliot is made from ash wood and adorned with brass legs. Aside from generally being a beautiful piece of furniture, the dresser also has a removable piece that transforms it into a change table! It's perfect for transitioning with your child, but can easily be moved to the living room once they start to grow. 

ByBo Metal Changetable

Advice From A Caterpillar's cool, wall-mounted change table fits invisibly on a wall and is discrete, making it ideal for small spaces. Constructed out of sheet metal, this versatile product can hold up to 110 pounds, meaning you can even move it down and use it as a desk!

Elephant Chair

This adorable Elephant Chair is a great accessory for your little one's room! Made from beech wood and covered with a matte lacquer finish, it's the perfect place for your child to rest as they colour or read. 


Super soft and seriously functional, these stackable shapes can form together to build couches, tables, armchairs and more. They're not only furniture, they're toys that simulate imagination and logical thinking, so that your tot can learn as they play. The dream!


Feltro is a system of large-scale felt tiles that are embedded with strong magnets, which allow them to connect to one another. If you keep them two-dimensional, like we did above, they can make a fun, colourful rug that's expandable. But, if you want to build something three-dimensional, you can morph the Feltro into a furniture bin or small side table and even build sculptures or forts out of it!

Plus, Feltro is super versatile, so you can even wear it as a costume like Shahir did.