Would you try #featherbrows?

The newest beauty trend requires a glue stick.
(Source: Instagram, @harlibi)

Search #featherbrows on Instagram and you'll find a grid of microblading (eyebrow tattooing) posts, but look closer and every once in a while, you'll come across something... else. Last month, Finnish makeup artist and Instagram influencer Stella Sironen, a.k.a. Stella.S.Makeup, posted a selfie with eyebrows brushed outwards to look like feathers. Her first post has received almost 52,000 likes. Since then, makeup artists and enthusiasts from all over the world have posted similar selfies.

Sironen's tool of choice for achieving the look? A glue stick! She brushed and separated her brow hairs and kept them in place with glue. Although she notes that she was definitely not the first to come up with this trick – all hail drag queens for the ingenuity.

The feather brow trend has spawned other interesting eyebrow looks, like #barbedwirebrows (brow hairs brushed up and then down to mimic the pattern of barbed wire) and #dragonbrows (brow hairs brushed up and into spikes to look like spikes).

How do you get these looks? Well, while a glue stick is recommended, a clear, strong-hold, brow gel could help achieve the same look. Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel or M.A.C Brow Set.

Then, add glitter, colour or both. Sironen one-upped herself by transforming her feather brow into a peacock feather. Try coloured mascaras, glitter eyeliners, eyeshadow and M.A.C's coloured pencil made just for brows, Dare Hue Brow Pencil.

Looking to make your brows a bit more exciting without resorting to glue sticks or silly trends? Try Toronto makeup artist Shira Ben's Mother Of All Brow Tutorials:

Want to see some makeup artists try feather brows on camera? These are fun to watch.

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