Whoa baby! New-mom maladies are real — we're here to help

Rogue hairs, acne and dry skin be gone!
(Credit: iStock/Getty Images)

There are certain things women expect to happen after baby arrives — lack of sleep, sore breasts and snug jeans among them. But once you get into the thick of childrearing, some unexpected… and, quite frankly, unwelcome(!) issues can arise. For the lucky among us, these maladies may never rear their ugly heads, but more than likely a new mom will experience any combination of the below afflictions.

To make life a little more comfortable, we've found a few cures that we hope will help for what ails you.

The malady: Rogue hairs

With the current cocktail of hormones raging through a postpartum body, hairs may pop up in unexpected places. A facial hair removal cream that is light enough to use on the delicate skin on your face is the best tactic to combat any unwanted extra hair anywhere.

Peter Thomas Roth Bye Bye Hair! Facial Hair Reducing Serum & Facial Hair Removal Cream, $47,

The malady: Dry skin all over

Breastfeeding mamas are always reaching for a bottle of water to hydrate because they become intensely thirsty while sending most of their H20 to their babe, and an unfortunate side effect can be extremely dry skin. A moisturizing body scrub that contains organic demerara sugar grains and coconut oil will help bring your skin some much needed hydration.

S.W. Basics Body Scrub, $26.50,

The malady: Acne prone skin

Hormonal acne, underground, red and painful blemishes on the lower half of the face, and sometimes even on the neck, may appear as your hormones fluctuate after giving birth. Benzoyl peroxide is usually a go-to for blemish prone skin, but you should consult with a dermatologist first, and let them know if you are breastfeeding. In the meantime, clarify your complexion with a hydrating and brightening toner, like Caudalie's Vinoperfect Essence, which contains glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells, while the French brand's signature grape water works to hydrate and sooth an irritated complexion.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Essence, $50,

The malady: Wrist pain

Once baby starts putting on some weight, most new moms find that their wrists start to ache due to carrying, feeding and holding baby throughout the day. Treat yourself to some relief with this kit from Saje, which contains a roll on remedy, mist and massage oil, as well as a bath soak, made with the healing essences of lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and more.

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The malady: Aching muscles

During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called relaxin, which helps to soften and loosen up the ligaments to help make childbirth possible. Relaxin still plays a part when mom is breastfeeding, too. With looser joints, our muscles can use some extra TLC, so as soon as baby goes down for the night pop a soothing, mineral-rich bath bomb into some water and say 'ahhhhh.'

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